can parakeet see in dark

Can Parakeets See In Dark?

Parakeets are quite fascinating birds when we start to study their qualities. Many Parakeets enthusiasts find their own because of their attractive external appearance.

Why do people love to own Parakeets? Parakeets are little well socialized, entertaining, and can make them talk when they trained. They can easily live within your storey building. They are very smart you can train them to fly to your hands and many more to do.

If you own a Parakeet you would be wondering that do they see through dark or do they have night visions like owls. When noticed we could see them clearly doing some positive gestures for their night vision.

So, can parakeets see in the dark? Yes, same like many birds they can see through the dark at night times. Parakeets have good vision at night times than humans. Their night vision helps them to find fresh food and makes them survive in wild.

Now we will see in detail about Parakeet’s behavior and visions in dark. I suggest you keep reading. 

Do Parakeets Have Night Vision

They have good vision when it’s completely dark outside. The reason behind their night vision is their blood vessels. This makes the bird see more clearly even without any limits as we have.

Their blood vessels help them to get sharper focus. Sharper focus gives them the power of seeing through the dark clearly than humans. This biological evolution is due to their environmental condition.

They live among the predators so they should ensure their safety. These predators are less active at night time. So, Parakeets find their food at night time. This night vision helps them to find their food and also keeps them away from predators.

Night vision helps them to stay away from predators and helps to hide from meat-eater. Even night vision will not be helpful for birds in cages they do have their superpower.

Watch this video to know more about Parakeets night vision

What Parakeet’s See

Birds can see things that we can’t see through our naked eyes. This is the most prominent feature in them that makes them be safe.

Their eyesight makes them get out of all fears of getting attacked by predators. They also find their food easily even at night times than other animals.

Not only Parakeets, these things just fit all birds. Parakeets can see the earth’s magnetic field and UV Lights. But we can’t see them as birds do. Every eye has a part called cones. These cones are responsible for the colors we see. Humans have only three color receptor cells.

So, through the three cells, we see Blue, Green, and Red colors. A human can only see colors that arise from the mixture of these colors.

But when we come to birds, they have four cells. With the extra fourth cell, they have the ability to see the earth’s magnetic field and Ultraviolet Lights.

They are considered to be Omnivores animals. Not rats, snakes, rabbits but they do feed on grasses, insects, grains, etc… Their extraordinary eyesight helps them to find small insects to large grasslands when they fly for their food.

Are Parakeets Okay In The Dark

Parakeets feel quite comfortable when they are kept in dark. Their eyes help them to feel so. It may feel dark to us but for Parakeets, they aren’t. They extensively love to eat fresh food. Some say even their name means fresh foods. 

You may have experienced this, other than fresh foods while feeding they turn their back. This is because in the jungle their finest eye helps them to eat fresh food at any time. Whenever they feel hungry it may dusk, dawn, or in the dark, they find their food. Their eyes made them do it.

Birds have many blood vessels running through their eyes. These blood vessels are named Pectin Oculi. They provide some nutrients which make their eyesight clear even in the dark. Through their good vision, they make immediate actions from their predators.

They can see more colors than we see and also other animals see. This also helps them in their mating. When a Parakeet moves out the feather near their face glows in dark. Through this radiance, Parakeets can find their mate easily.

To do activities, Parakeets are adapted to be in dark conditions. But don’t keep your Parakeet in dark all the time as they’re adaptive to it. But it can be done at times.

Do Parakeets Like To Be In Dark

In the wild Parakeets are free to wander around anywhere they will. Their only hindrance in the dark is predators. Night-time predators are very badass types when compared to the day ones. But most of the night predators are terrestrial ones.

To escape terrestrial predators they fly around during night times. And no air-borne predators for them. So, Parakeets love to be in the dark where they can freely fly around without thinking of any danger. So, they spend a lot of time flying in dark.

Their effective eyesight will only be useful in dark at not commonly in day times. 

But this eye development will be effective only for birds that live in the wild and not for pet Parakeets. Because our pets don’t use their special ability as they sit in cage for the full time. So, their eye will not be developed fully to give their night vision.

Depending on their growing environment these Parakeets adapt their night vision. There is a chance that some Parakeet, we grow in our home may not able to react to dark. No problem it’s just a common problem for all pets. All because of inadequate muscle development.

Sometimes they can even afraid of darks. They act strange and do movement frequently when they’re afraid. This may happen in some cases but rare.

At times when you displace them in a new cage, they could act strange. Their activity can be calmed by setting a dim light or a lamp. This makes them adapt to that environment.

Other than fear in some cases, their actions will be wild and strange. That’s just their natural stimuli when they’re kept in dark. They do things what they do in wild in dark. No need to worry about it.

To prevent this kind of behavior you should make the cage feel more likely to be wild for them. You can do so by adding some perches to the cage according to their size. This makes the cage a peaceful place for them.

Do Parakeets Sleep When Dark

do parakeet sleep in dark

Yes, a good living healthy, and happy Parakeet can sleep up to 12 hours in the dark until it’s disturbed or it sees light. But sometimes they can’t sleep well due to some problems that happen external and both internal.

They can’t sleep well if they are unhappy, they’ll feel stress if someone or something disturbs them while sleeping. This may lead to suffering from health issues.

Make sure your Parakeet doesn’t undergo any kind of situation above mentioned and live a happy life.

Some Parakeets don’t sleep because of their natural instinct, which is responsible for them to live in wild. One can reduce their instincts by portraying the cage as their trees. This can be made done by adding perches to the cage.

By adding perches they see the ground from the top and use their vision ability. This makes them feel safer. And they start to sleep without any fear of danger.

This makes their instincts lower and after they start to sleep when their instincts are gone. A Parakeet is a bird that sleeps at night and also lets you sleep. It doesn’t stay active at night like a nocturnal bird without allowing you to sleep.

Should I Cover My Parakeet Cage At Night

parakeet sleep in cavity

Just like people, Parakeets should have an average sleep of at least 8 hours a day. Unlike people, a cup of coffee is not a remedy for a sleepless night. People who care for their bird’s sleep mostly cover cages with thick cover.

This thick cover makes the cage soundproof and also free from lights. Through this cover, we can ensure the sleep of our pet.

Nobody can strongly say that Parakeets need their cage to be covered while sleeping. It actually depends on the birds. Some birds need them for good sleep without any disturbance and some don’t need them.

Find your bird need the cover for sleeping or not. It’s more like a trial and error process. Without testing them we can’t say their nature.

Many Parakeets make them home in the wild living in cavities of trees. Covering makes them feel warmer and makes it feel that it’s away from dangers.

For some Parakeets to satisfy this condition we cover their cage. This makes them feel more like they’re in a tree’s cavity.

Don’t leave your bird’s cage covered all time. This can avoid interaction between you both. The cover should be only used at sleeping time.


A cover is only a sheet to hide cage from external disturbance, not a light switch to turn the bird on and off at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Question:

Do budgies need light at night?

No, they don’t need lights to prove their sleep. As like humans they too need darkness for a peaceful sleep. Anyways they don’t have the need for light in shadows. Naturally, Parakeets have the power to see through the darkness.

Do parakeets need to be covered at night?

Like every animal, Parakeets will sleep when they see darkness. They will sleep happily up to 11-12 hours until they’re disturbed. To ensure their sleep many people cover Parakeets cages. Through this, they’ll be free from further lights, surrounding sound, etc…

What colors do parakeets see?

Unlike humans, they can see four colors while we see three. In addition to Red, Green, Blue they can see UV spectral lines. Which is responsible for Parakeets night vision power. And also they can see colors even more vibrant than we see.

Why do parakeets freak out at night?

Usually, Parakeets doesn’t freak out when lights are gone. If they are shifted to a new cage and suddenly lights are gone surely they will freak out only because of the new place. Otherwise, there is no way for Parakeets to get fear of dark. Because they do have night vision.

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