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Can Nuns Have Pets? – Answered with Images

Pets are always great company to have around. They are smart, loyal, and make us feel loved. It is every woman’s wish to own a dog or cat of her own. But can Nuns grow pets after conversion?

Is it possible for nuns to work in church and also grow pets of their wish? If so, what kind of pets can be suitable for nuns?

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Can Nuns Have Pets?

Yes! Nuns can have and grow pets with them. There are a lot of Monasteries and converts that love and grow pets.

Churches encourage to grow sheep as a part of their monasteries for the Lord himself loved sheep and was a shepherd. Growing pets depends purely on personal choices.

Christianity believes in loving every living being on this planet. So, it will be great for nuns and church people to grow pets and take care of them.

Love for animals is a major belief that God himself trusts. So it will be great if nuns grow a pet, and shower it with love, care and affection.

However, not every type of pet can be suitable for nuns to grow. If it is okay for nuns to grow pets with them.

Then what type of pets are great for nuns to grow and take care of?

What Types of Pets Are Great for Nuns?

what type of pets are suitable for nuns

All mainstream pets that are grown and loved by people are great for nuns. These pets must be of less maintenance and easy to grow and train. Some of the common pet choices for nuns are Dogs and cats.

Most nuns devote their lives to God and live alone without getting married. Getting a pet will be highly helpful to keep them accompanied.

The impact of a nun having a pet dog or cat is much higher due to her work nature and ethics.

Nuns must carefully select the type of pet which is suitable for them and also the beliefs and faith they follow.

If so, then what types of pets are suitable for nuns living in churches or separate in their houses?

What Are the Suitable Pets for Nuns in Churches?

Nuns can choose any type of pet they want if they are deciding to grow in their houses. However, if the nuns are staying at churches then the pets must be carefully chosen. Dogs and cats can be great choices as pets for nuns.

This is because they have less maintenance and are easy to handle. Dogs will be easier to train and obey orders than cats.

But nuns must avoid selecting unusual pet choices like pet snakes, spiders, and other insects. This is to respect the Christianity beliefs and faith.

Aquatic pets like turtles and different varieties of fishes can also be a great choice as pets for nuns who live near church premises.

Though nuns have the choice of selecting any type of pet they want, it is better to avoid snakes and insects as pets considering their holistic work nature.

Why Is It Better for Nuns to Have Pets?

why is it better for nun to have pets

Nuns are women who devote their lives completely to God and his holy works. Most times, they never get married and stay single in their lives. This may make them feel lonely at times.

Having a pet during these times will keep them engaged and avoid feeling lonely. It is just like elderly people having companion dogs for their support and company.

Also, most nuns lose routine in their lives due to their work nature. Having a pet animal will require taking care of them and falling into a routine.

Apart from company, pets also keep nuns entertained.

If pets are great for nuns then can dogs be good pets for nuns in churches?

Are Dogs Good Pets for Nun?

Yes! Dogs are great pets for nuns. They are the most popular pets in the world and loved by people of all ages.

Dogs are the easiest pets to have and grow as a beginner pet owner. They stay loyal and protect the owners with great love and care.

Also in dogs, there are lots of varieties to select from. There are multiple-sized dogs ranging from bigger dogs like German shepherds to Miniature dogs like poodles.

When nuns grow dogs, they can be loyal pets for them and also a great companions during their lone times.

They can also be great protectors if needed in case. Dogs are also suitable to grow near churches and monasteries.

If nuns are staying in churches, then dogs can be an easy and great choice to go as a pet.

Apart from dogs, nuns can consider growing cats, fishes, birds and turtles. Avoid growing snakes and insects as pets near church premises.

Final Words on Nuns Having Pets

Summing up, Nuns can have and grow pets for a company. It is actually advisable to grow pets for nuns who spend their time alone or without getting married.

Dogs and cats can be great choices as pets for nuns in churches. Birds, turtles, and fishes are also great choices. But it is better if nuns avoid growing unusual pets like snakes and insects.

So, that was all about the pets for nuns and why it is better for nuns to have pets for a company.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on what type of pets are better for nuns and what type of pets that must be avoided.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below about your experiences with your beloved pets.

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