can i sell my birds to a pet store

Can I Sell My Bird to A Pet Store? – Answered With Pictures

Passionate pet keepers often buy pets and eventually maintaining all those pets become hectic for them. Their love for pets and birds’ adorable nature make anyone buy them.

So, what if you can’t maintain a pet and you want to either sell or give it to someone you know?

Most people prefer to sell their pet than giving to someone for free. As people don’t value things they get free without any cost.

Sale Potential of Birds

Caring for young birds for a year could cost you more money than for adult birds. Nurturing baby birds could be time and money-consuming. At the same time selling a bird as young doesn’t get you adequate money.

So, try to sell birds of averaged aged so that you can sail your boat without any losses. And also, most people prefer to buy birds at a stage where they can easily maintain them.

Pricing of birds may vary according to place, based on their variety and physical appearance

When you sell small-sized birds go for experienced people than believing an amateur. Little ones’ will need more care and nurturing than average sized ones.

Can I Sell My Bird to A Pet Store?

is it possible to sell a bird to a pet store

Selling your bird to a pet store is totally up to you. All birds in pet stores are supplied by someone why not you? But you couldn’t get enough money by selling to shops.

To be honest, while you sell birds to pet stores you’re not going to get enough money from them. They keep their stock buying price as low as possible for their own profit.

Even though you don’t care about money most pet store owner doesn’t involving buy pets from owners. They are more likely to buy from lumpsum pet suppliers.

Best Place to Sell My Bird

According to me the best place to sell your birds is to someone who you already know or at least who has some bird-keeping background.

Instead of selling birds to pet stores, this could be a great alternative. While selling to pet stores you don’t how they’re going to be or if will they be happy or not.

While selling to someone you know, you’re the decision maker. So, nobody’s there to make choices for your own birds.

Know the correct person who has the potential to care your birds and sell your feathered friend to the respective person.

There is also another way if you need which is selling online. You can find more interested people in here than your physical marketing. To know more about online selling see the video below.

What Happens if Your Birds Unsold in Stores

Pet shops are a kind of business place. Generally, all business people do stock clearance for their unsold stocks and the same will be happening in this case.

Leftover birds will be sold for lower prices or for some occasional discounts. Mostly all the stocks will be cleared by the retailer by any means.

In the worst case, only birds with physical illnesses and injuries that happened while in the cages will be dumped.

Mostly these unsold birds are sent to no-kill camps where they’ll be taken care by volunteers and people who care for birds. 

Sell your Birds Yourself      

As said earlier you’re the one who cares most for your birds not any other pet shop people. So, sell birds yourself to a person with whom the bird could feel at home.

Considering the price section selling birds yourself could be more effective and highly satisfying while selling.

But this holds a lot of back work to do. There are many steps that are to be considered before selling birds yourself.

Things to consider before selling

Creating an announcement

creating announcement for bird selling

First of all, you should make people around you aware that you’re about to sell your bird. Make contact with people around feel free to ask them.

Make sure that everybody knows that you’re going to sell a bird. Either through bills or word of mouth make people aware of your birds.


Pricing plays a significant role. You can’t simply quote the price of a pet seller. Some concessions must be made before selling out.

After your business picks up and if ever you got a reputation among your regional people, then even you can quote greater prices than shop sellers.

In order to attract people, you should make them feel as this is the effective price that they could get for those particular birds.

They must feel that if they miss this opportunity then they couldn’t get a deal like this. So, enticing customers with price quoting is much more important than anything.

Here comes your bonus tip😉

Background study (if needed)

If possible, make a background check about the buyer for the well-being of your birds. It tells a lot more about your bird’s future life.

Some people buy pets for the sake of their happiness and let them be and stop caring for them. These kinds of people should be avoided.

Because you owe well-being to the pets that you sell, think before you sell birds to someone who you don’t know.


These are my opinion about selling your bird to a pet store… however whoever you’re selling to, you must consider the buyer as a bird gonna stay with till their end.

Even in the pet store, we see birds living part of their life within cages without selling to customers. You must consider all thoughts before you let bird out of your sight.

So, that was all about selling birds to a pet store. The whole motif of this blog is to sell your birds to a person who can handle the bird happily until they live.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on where is it good to sell your birds and how to check if the buyer has the potential to care your bird

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little birds you own.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.  

See ya! Until then keep singing with your colorful birdies. 😉

Can I Sell My Bird to A Pet Store – Related Questions

How Do You Sell Bird?

Sell your birds in a place where you find potential buyers. As marketing for a guy who doesn’t have enough buying potential is a waste of time.

Pitch your birds in the nearest bird sales or by joining bird breeder groups. These are the places where you and you’re birdies will be visible to many people.

More people is proportional to more probability of buyers.

Do You Need a License to Breed and Sell Birds

License is needed only when you sell birds on a large scale. So, only people who do business using birds will need them.

A person selling more than 100 birds annually will need a certified breeder certificate from the government to continue selling.

But people like selling a bird and exchanging birds with people and pet breeders don’t need a license.

Where Can I Sell My Birds Online

There are so many online sites available in states to sell your bird online. But the thing is whoever you’re going sell to you should know them in person before selling.

Verification is must before selling birds online. One of my suggestions is parrot amigos which is a good choice if you’re trying to sell or buy a bird.

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