can i grow pothos in turtle tank

Can I Grow Pothos in Turtle Tank? – Answered Quick

Pothos plants are one of the best plants to grow. They are great indoor plants due to their air-purifying nature and green looks. Pothos plants are also called the Devil’s ivy. This makes people think pothos are bad for tanks.

Pothos still have a useful nature like removing the nitrate content in the water rapidly.

But are pothos really bad for aquariums and tortoise tanks? Are they safe for the turtles and other aquatic organisms inside the turtle tank?

Let us see about Pothos plants and growing pothos plants inside the pet turtle tanks in detail.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Can I Put a Pothos Plant in My Turtle Tank?

are pothos toxic

No! Pothos plants must not be grown inside turtle tanks. Pothos plants are poisonous. It will cause various problems if their stem and leaves are eaten by aquatic pets like turtles.

If you are growing a pet turtle, it is better to keep Devil’s ivy outside its reach.

Pothos plants are great for purifying air. But still, they are poisonous plants if fed upon due to the high oxalic acid concentrations.

This is the reason they are also commonly called Devil’s Ivy.

Some people still manage to grow Pothos plants inside their aquariums after certain safety measures. But still, we would not recommend growing pothos plants inside the tank.

If you are growing turtles only inside a tank, then consider keeping them in dry land also. Add some dry area in the aquarium for the turtle to rest at times.

Pothos with cuttings is definitely toxic inside the tank water. Now let us see why pothos are actually toxic.

Are Pothos Toxic?

Yes! Pothos are toxic if parts of pothos leaves or stems are eaten by animals. This is due to the higher concentration of Calcium Oxalates within the plant leaves, stem, and root.

Placing the cuttings of pothos in an aquarium will cause toxic release in tank water.

But pothos are not toxic in general. They are in fact great air purifiers when used as indoor plants. Apart from air purifying, pothos are great ornamental plants.

To know more about decorative check The Best Fish Tank Ornaments blog for more.

So, Pothos can be used as great ornamental plants. But they are not suitable to grow inside an aquarium or a turtle tank.

Are Pothos Safe for Tortoises?

Pothos are not safe for tortoises. If a tortoise or turtle feeds on the pothos leaves and stem, it will cause allergy and irritation in their mucous membrane.

This is due to the presence of stronger Calcium Oxalate concentrations in these plant parts.

If you are growing pothos indoors, then keep them away from the turtle’s reach. And do not grow pothos inside the turtle tank as it will release toxins that are harmful to turtles, tortoises, fish, and other tank pets.

We get to know that pothos are not safe for turtles and fish. But are pothos plants toxic to other reptiles?

Are Pothos Toxic to Other Reptiles?

Pothos plants may be toxic to reptiles if they are fed too much. But they do not cause major harm if eaten accidentally by pet reptiles. But still, these plants are not the regular green on which turtles and reptiles feed upon.

The main reason turtles and reptiles are not okay with eating pothos are due to their intolerance towards oxalic acids.

Pothos plants are filled with calcium oxalates along with other metals and minerals. This makes them toxic for the reptile guy.

Apart from pothos, there are many plants that are suitable for turtles. The list of some of the dangerous toxic plants for turtles are listed below.

What Plants Are Toxic to Turtles?

Not all plants are great for growing in a turtle tank. There are a few plants that must be avoided from growing inside a turtle aquarium like

  • Begonia
  • Boston Ivy
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Dumb cane
  • Firethorn
  • Arrowhead vine
  • Calla lily
  • Elephant’s ear

These are some of the few plants that you must avoid growing inside a turtle or fish tank. Keep them away from turtle reach even in the land area.

But if your turtle eats any of the above-mentioned plants, then don’t panic. Take the turtle along with the plant eaten to a vet as soon as possible.

Are Pothos Safe for Aquariums?

are pothos harmful to reptiles

Pothos are great nitrogen-regulating agents inside a fish tank. They are safe for a tank unless they are not fed by the aquatic organisms inside the tank.

In general, pothos are not safe for aquariums if they have fish and turtles inside. If they grow inside a fish tank, it may cause overcrowding and toxin release. Proper Aeration Inside the Tank may also become a concern.

These plants are better for tanks with adult reptiles. Pothos plants are a great source for these small reptiles to climb and play with. Moreover, reptiles are not affected easily by the oxalic acids released by the plant leaves or stems.

But it is not the same in the case of fish and turtles. It will cause harm and even death in some serious conditions.

Final Words on Pothos in Turtle Tank

Summing up, Pothos are great ornamental plants that can also purify the air indoors. But they are not good for growing inside a turtle tank or an aquarium. This is due to the higher oxalic acid content in their leaves and stems.

The Calcium oxalate and other chemicals in the plant will cause a series of health issues like inflammation of mucous membranes, fever, diarrhea, and other complications in turtles.

Yet, there are few people who grow money plants and pothos in tanks without causing harm to the fish and turtles living inside. But we would suggest not taking the risk

If you are really interested in growing pothos inside your house, then make sure to keep them out of your turtle’s reach.

So, that was all about growing pothos inside a turtle tank.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why it is not a better idea to grow pothos inside a turtle tank even though they are great aquarium nitrate removers.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little turtles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then, keep swimming with your awesome pet turtles and tortoises. 😉 

Pothos in Turtle Tank – Related Questions

How Much Nitrate Does Pothos Remove?

Pothos can remove 20 to 40 ppm nitrate in the aquarium within 4 to 5 days rapidly. But this number depends on various other factors like plant health, density, light, water quality, and various other factors.

If you are considering a plant to remove Nitrates in the water, then pothos can do it. Yet pothos are proven to be harmful to aquatic pets like turtles and fish.

Is the Money Plant Poisonous to Turtles?

Money plants themselves are not poisonous to turtles if they are eaten accidentally by turtles in smaller amounts.

However, feeding large quantities of money plants may cause a series of health issues like swelling of mucous membranes, allergies, and diarrhea.

This is due to the presence of strong oxalic acids like calcium oxalates in the plant’s roots and stems.

Turtles will not usually bother about these money plants inside the tank and will mind their own business.

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