Can Husky eats egg

Can Huskies Eat Boiled and Raw Eggs?

Let us see if Huskies Eat Boiled and Raw Eggs

Eggs can be a great source of protein in a diet. Bodybuilders and workout experts always include eggs in their diet for great health and fitness. But can eggs be given to Dogs? What about Huskies eating eggs?

Can Huskies Eat Eggs?

Raw eggs and Boiled eggs can be given to Huskies. But Huskie owners must not add spices to the boiled eggs. Eggs can be safe for most dogs. But if your husky is suffering from any disorders like Diabetes or others, care must be taken before adding new items to diet.

Eggs can be a great addition to your dog’s diet, especially for Huskies. Siberian Huskies are wild in origin. They love to feed and prey on meat and animal products rather than vegan items.

Our Friend who is a Husky owner had this doubt that he could feed eggs for his Husky as a protein complement. So we did complete research on the best ways to feed huskies eggs and ways to not feed Eggs.

We compiled the whole study in this blog as a complete guide on Eggs in Husky diet. So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Are Eggs Good For Dogs?

Eggs are one of the great sources of protein. It has more nutrients and minerals that are needed by humans. But eggs can also be fed to dogs. A Study shows dogs that were fed eggs were more healthier than dogs that didn’t eat eggs.

This is because of the nutrient content present in eggs. Some of the nutrients present in eggs are

Calcium and Vitamin DImproves bone growth and density
Vitamin B12Helps strengthen nerves
Vitamin AImprove immunity and vision
RiboflavinPromotes body metabolism
IronPromotes RBC rupture
Folate Promotes healthy cell growth.
SeleniumRemove toxic from the body. Acts as an antioxidant.

Many of such nutrients are present in eggs. Milk too has similar nutritional content. Adding milk and eggs are highly favored by health enthusiasts. So, you can also start giving eggs to keep your husky healthy.

But now you may have doubts about how to feed eggs. Should it be boiled or raw? All these questions are answered in the upcoming parts.

How Can I Feed Eggs For My Husky

There are several ways to feed eggs for your Husky.  Some of the easiest methods to feed cooked eggs are

  • Scrambled Eggs.
  • Sunny Side Up.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs.

You can also feed raw eggs to Husky. Just before the meal, break a few eggs and pour them over the dog meal. This will make it tastier and your dogs will love the taste of eggs.

If you consider feeding only cooked eggs to your Husky, then scrambled eggs will be the easiest choice. Put up the pan and apply some oil. Scramble one or two eggs and feed your Dog.

But don’t add salt or any spices to the eggs. It may make them carve more for spices and not eat plain eggs and plain dog food. Try to avoid salt also.

You can add variety by cooking sunny side-ups and feeding them. Make it more craving by adding a few pieces of meat, bread, or even veggies to the top. This will make them habitual to feed on veggies, bread, and meat at the same time.

Sometimes, try feeding hard-boiled whole eggs. Dogs love to feed on full whole eggs. It can be given as treat after a training session for your husky. But huskies can be really hard to train. Check out The Husky Training Blog to learn how to train husky easily.

Can I Feed Huskies Raw Eggs?

Huskies are from the wild. They feed and hunt prey animals. At times, they would even steal and feed eggs from nests. SO by nature huskies can feed on raw eggs. Dogs living near farms also have this tendency of stealing and feeding on raw eggs.

Most times, feeding raw eggs won’t cause any problems for your husky. But still, some rare side effects are seen on some dogs that feed on raw eggs. They are very rare and found in very few Huskies.

Some huskies which fed on raw eggs were prone to salmonella attack. They also suffered from Biotin Deficiency. These happened only due to overfeeding of raw egg whites.

But still, we prefer adding only cooked eggs to your Huskie Diet. It makes digestion easier and healthier.

Still, have confusion with feeding raw eggs? Then I recommend you to see this video

Feeding Egg Shells For Husky

Feeding whole boiled eggs are great for Huskies. But can we feed eggs with shells for huskies?

Humans break open eggs and eat only the egg white and yolk. So, we think eggshells are not to be consumed. But the same doesn’t apply to dogs.

Huskies and other dog varieties can feed on eggs along with eggshells. Eggshells can be a great source of calcium and vitamin D. Shells can be fed along with the whole boiled eggs.

You can also crush and grind shells, make them as a powder and feed your Huskies. This powder can be mixed along with milk or sprinkled over the daily food.

Raw eggs along with a shell can also be given. But it is better to boil the egg if it is given along with the shell. This makes digestion easier.

Don’t Add Spices On Eggs

When we are cooking eggs for Huskies, never add spices or salt. We may enjoy the taste of some salt and pepper sprinkled over eggs, But dogs don’t love pepper and salt much.

Too much pepper may cause stomach troubles. Salt added more is very dangerous for the dog’s health. It may upset the sodium levels and balance of your Huskie.

Also never cook eggs like omelets made with onions. Onions are toxic to most dogs and canine varieties.  

When Should You Not Feed Eggs

Eggs should be avoided if your dog Is having any disorders. If your Husky is suffering from Pancreatitis then try to avoid eggs as much as possible. You can still feed them eggs but in very little quantity. The limit is too few per week.

As eggs are high in cholesterol and fat, they must not be fed to dogs with obesity, abnormal cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

How Many Eggs Should A Husky Eat

Feeding eggs is necessary for Dogs. But you must know when to feed and when not to feed eggs. Always remember to feed the right amount of eggs to your dog.

It is necessary for us to know how many eggs should Huskies have per day. Better limit up to a maximum of 2 to 3 eggs per day. But never feed more.

Feeding too many eggs to your Husky is bad. This may cause gas problems and diarrhea. Too much feeding may lead to obesity and laziness.

In rare cases, Overfeeding eggs may also lead to food poisoning and salmonella attack. Biotin deficiency is also seen. Biotin deficiency is caused due to egg whites. This may be balanced by the egg yolk filled with biotin.

Feeding only egg whites may become harmful for your dogs. Try to feed eggs along with the egg yolk.

So, it is always better to limit any food that you feed your dogs to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Final Words For Husky Owners

Eggs are rich in nutrition. It is why eggs are even given to growing children to boost up growth rate and body metabolism.

Feed your dogs a few eggs per day and eggs are much better when cooked. Cooking improves the taste and reduces stomach upset. So the next time when you are boiling eggs for yourself, keep some eggs aside for your cute Husky.

So, that was all about feeding eggs to Husky and the right amount of eggs to feed per day.

We hope this blog helped you clearing queries on Husky eating eggs and how to cook eggs for your Husky.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your Husky after feeding cooked or raw eggs.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your cute Beagle…Bow wow!

Related Questions

Can I Give My Dog Scramble Eggs?

Yes! Scrambled eggs can be great for dogs. It will be tastier and also easier for dogs to consume when compared to raw eggs. But always try to cook eggs without salt, pepper, and other spices.

You can also give boiled whole eggs along with scrambled eggs.

Can I Feed My Husky Duck Eggs Instead Of Chicken Eggs?

Duck eggs are considered healthier than Chicken eggs. They stay fresh for more time. Also, they have more protein content than chicken eggs. You can add duck eggs to provide more protein to your Husky.

Duck eggs are heavier in calories than Chicken eggs. So, avoid feeding more Duck eggs than chicken eggs. If your dog is feeling allergic to duck eggs, consult a vet before feeding them duck eggs.

Can I Feed Eggs My Huskies When They Are Sick

Eggs are heavy food and it requires more energy to digest. So better not feed huskies with eggs when they are sick.  But try to add eggs slowly to your diet after recovering. Adding eggs will speed up recovery with its protein content.

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