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Can Cockapoos have Blue eyes? – Blue-eyed Cockapoo

Blue eyes are a treat to watch. Humans and a few other animals have exotic colored eyes. But Blue eyes are found only in certain dogs. Can Cockapoos have Blue eyes?

Can Cockapoos have Blue eyes?

Cockapoos may have blue eyes. Most cockapoos have dark brown eyes. Blue eyes in Cockapoos and other dogs are mainly due to the Merle Genes. Puppies with merle genes have blue eyes. Their eyes may turn brown as they grow older due to Melanin Pigmentation.

It is clear that cockapoos with merle gene can have blue eyes. But it is not applicable only to Cockapoos. Any dog with merle genes has blue eyes.

Is it possible for all Cockapoos to have blue eyes? We had the same doubt and made a complete study on eye colors, pigmentation, and gene roles in Cockapoos.

We have compiled all information on blue-eyed cockapoos and some health-related problems in them.

So, Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Why do some Cockapoos have Blue Eyes?

Some puppies are naturally born with blue eyes. This is due to improper pigmentation in their eyes. The eye may look like it has blue pigment. But it doesn’t have any pigment.

When these blue-eyed puppies grow, their eyes will turn brown after pigmentation starts. Some adult Cockapoos will continue to have blue eyes. They are puppies with Merle Genes.

But blue eyes are not common among all dogs. It is seen in Siberian Huskies, Beagles, and some Blue eyed Poodles.

Apart from merle genes, there are a few other factors that cause permanent blue eyes in Cockapoos.

What causes Blue Eyes in Cockapoos?

Do blue eyed cockapoo have eye disorders

Puppy Poodles can commonly have Blue eyes. It is due to a lack of pigmentation. There is nothing to worry about gene mutation or other eye disorders.

The reflection and refraction of light from eyes cause the blue color appearance. But they are not actually blue iris.

As time passes, these puppies will slowly develop brown eyes on progressive pigmentation. But it is not the same in case of Adult blue eyed Cockapoos.

Blue eyes in Adult Cockapoos may occur due to various factors. Some of the most common factors are

  • Merle Gene Mutation.
  • Heterochromia.
  • Albinism.
  • Breeding issues.
  • White Iris.

In rare cases, gene mutation can also be the reason for blue eyes in Cockapoos. Small Poodle mixes are seen with these gene mutations.

Cockapoo Heterochromia

It is a rare condition where the dog has lots of color around its coat and body. This happens due to merle genes and a few other pigment-related genes.

These genes are also responsible for the different coat colors and patterns in horses, mice, cats, and even some humans.

This may also be the reason for blue eyes in cockapoos. Unlike Merle gene mutation, this condition will not cause any harm to the dog’s health.

Albinism in Cockapoos

The condition in which the Cockapoo body turns completely white is called Albinism in Cockapoo. This disorder is mostly found in humans. A recent study shows dogs can also be affected by Albinism.

Dogs suffering from Albinism will slowly start to lose their coat and eye color. Some dogs will start to develop blue eyes after the disorder starts.

Breeding Issues

Mixed Breeding and a few other breeding techniques can also be the reason for Cockapoos to have Blue eyes.

This may happen when genes are passed to the children from any of the affected parent breeds. Mutation is more likely to cause breeding issues and genetic disorders after subsequent gene mixing.

White Iris

This is the least possible factor to cause blue eyes in Cockapoos. Very few dogs will be affected by the white iris issue.

White iris dogs will lack pigment in their iris and their eyes lack pigments. This may cause blue eyes in Cockapoos.

Sometimes, light refraction and reflection can also be the cause for blue eyes appearance in White iris dogs.

Merle Gene Mutation in cockapoos

Merle genes are a rare set of Genes responsible for the body, eye and coat pigmentation. It creates a white background coat with dark patches.

Merle dogs will have this pattern of faded spots around their coat. Sometimes, the coat color may also turn pale. 

Merle genes are usually seen in mixed breeds. Cockapoos, Coolies, Border Collies, Great Danes, Australian Shepherds, and a few other breeds are commonly affected by merle genes.

Dogs like Pureline poodles and other purebred canines will not be affected by these genes.

The dark patches on the coat cause two patterns. The Red Merle pattern (Liver) and the Blue Merle Pattern (black).

But Cockapoos can inherit only the Blue Merle Pattern. Due to this, these dogs may have either one or two blue eyes.

These Blue Merle dogs will have a mix of bluish swirls around their coat. So, the pattern is called the Blue Merle pattern.

Out of all the reasons, Merle genes are the major reason for Blue eyes in Cockapoos. But cockapoos have other eye colors than blue.

What colors are Cockapoo eyes?

Cockapoos come with a variety of eye colors and shades. Some of the common Cockapoo eye colors are

Brown Eye Cockapoo

This is the most common eye color found in almost all dog breeds. Adult dogs will have brown eyes from first or start to develop over the period.

Some puppies may not have pigments in the initial days. But the pigmentation will start after a few weeks.

Green Eye Cockapoo

Green shaded eyes are uncommon in Cockapoos. But green-eyed dogs are always a delight to watch.

Green-eyed Cockapoos may have hazel-colored iris in the beginning. Later they turn dark after deep pigmentation.

Green and Brown are the true eye colors found in Cockapoo dogs. If you find a green-eyed Cockapoo, buy them without a second thought.

Moreover, Cockapoos are not pricy like the Expensive Poodles

Hazel Eye Cockapoo

Hazel-eyed Cockapoos are rarest of their breed. But still, it is possible for Cockapoos to have hazel-colored eyes. Hazel-eyed dogs are sometimes mistaken for green eyes.

But they actually have hazel eyes. Like green, hazel dogs are also a delight to watch.

Black Eye Cockapoo

Dogs will not have black-colored iris. It is usually the brown iris that appears to be black. But black iris may be an indication of scar or damage on the eyes.

It may also be an indication of blood vessel problems. Consult a vet if your dog has completely black eyes.

Blue Eye Cockapoo

Blue eyes are also rare in Cockapoos and Poodles. But they are found in puppy cockapoos and some adult dogs.

Adult dogs with merle genes will usually have persisting blue eyes over age.

Blue Eyed Cockapoo Health Problems.

Blue eyed Cockapoo health problems

Blue-eyed dogs may suffer from some health issues if they are affected by Merle genes. But if the dog has blue eyes due to other reasons like albinism, then it is nothing to worry much.

Blue-eyed cockapoos will suffer only if the problems are related to breeding or genes.

Now let us see the other questions asked on blue-eyed cockapoos.

Other Questions about Cockapoos Blue Eyes

Do Cockapoo eyes stay blue?

Blue eyes in cockapoos are common in puppies. It is because of the lack of pigmentation in iris.

As time passes, Blue eyes will slowly start to turn brown. This is when the pigmentation starts to happen. These dogs will not have blue eyes again in adulthood.

But some Cockapoos will have blue eyes even in adulthood. These are dogs affected by merle genes or other defective genes.

Do Cockapoo eye color change?

Yes! Cockapoos and other puppies will show eye color changes after a few weeks of birth. This eye color change marks the beginning of melanin pigmentation.

This is like most metabolic processes in the dog’s body and will take place slowly. At first, the eyes will start to turn slightly dark and then cloudy. Finally, the dog will have any of the three major eye colors.

Check What colors are Cockapoo eyes? Part of this blog for more.

Do Cockapoo have eye Problems?

Cockapoos are prone to some eye related problems. They are not common but still some dogs suffer from few eye diseases and disorders.

  • Glaucoma
  • Progressive Retinal atrophy.
  • Cataract.

And few other eye disorders affect some Cockapoos and other dog breeds. But they can be treated easily in the initial days.

Do all Cockapoo puppies have blue eyes first?

All Cockapoo puppies are born with slight or even without iris pigmentation. This will give them a blue eye appearance.

Lack of melanin and a few other pigments are the reason for blue eyes in Cockapoo puppies. But they will start to produce melanin and the eyes turn brown over time.

Only the dogs having merle genes have blue eyes even during adulthood. Huskies and a few other dogs have blue eyes naturally.

Are Blue Eyes Bad for Cockapoos?

Blue eyes are not bad for Cockapoos if they are due to albinism or any non-gene-related disorders.

But if the dog is affected by Merle gene or breeding issues, then it may interfere with the dog’s overall health.

Dogs affected by Merle genes and inbreeding issues are prone to a series of health issues and body disorders. It is mainly due to the abnormal gene mutation.

If the blue-eyed Cockapoo is affected by double merle, then it is bad for the dog’s health. It is always better to consult the vet if your Cockapoo is having blue eyes even after adolescence

What is the rarest Cockapoo eye color?

Green is the rarest of eye color in Cockapoos. Brown is the most common and hazel is also slightly rare in cockapoos.

Final words on blue eye Cockapoo

Blue eyes in humans are always a treat to watch, It is due to mutation and never interferes with the body.

Blue-eyed Craig is our favorite bond of all time. Sorry, Mr. Connery.

Cockapoos with blue eyes can also be fun and awesome in terms of looks. But it is worth only if they are not affected by merle genes.

You can surely buy a blue-eyed Cockapoo if they are not surely affected by merle genes or any other genetic-related problems.

So, that was all about blue-eyed Cockapoos.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries and getting an idea about why cockapoos have blue eyes and what to do about it.

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