Can Cockapoos Breed with Poodles? – Things You Must Know

Cockapoos can be great dogs to have and play with. Demands for these dogs are like never before. Both pure and mixed breeds of cockapoos have great market value.

But can cockapoos be mixed with poodles? Let us see in this blog.

Can Cockapoos breed with Poodles?

Cockapoos can be bred with poodles to produce the Poodle-Cockapoo mix. This process of mixing poodle and Cockapoo is called back-crossing.  Cockapoo itself is a crossbreed of poodle and a spaniel. When this dog is bred with poodles, it will result in puppies similar to the parent dog.

This type of breeding is not usual like other breeding. There are a few other factors and reasons to think before breeding a poodle with a Cockapoo.

Back-crossing is different from cross-breeding. But don’t be confused and overwhelmed.

In this blog, we will cover everything from poodle breeding and the right way and time to breed a Cockapoo with a poodle.

So, Sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

What is a Cockapoo mixed with a Poodle called?

The Poodle dog mixed with Cockapoo is called a Cockapoo-Poodle mix. These dogs are crossed by breeding a male Poodle and female Cockapoo. They have characteristics of both poodle and cocker dogs.

These dogs are crossbred by dog breeders as look dogs and also pets. But they are definitely fun to have around.

Cockapoo Dogs

These dogs were first bred In late 1940’s and early 50’s after two popular dogs .

Cockapoos are not purebred dogs. They are a mix of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. These dogs can be great work dogs, guide dogs, and companion dogs.

The American Cockapoo Club was formed after cockapoos were not officially recognized by major dog clubs like then American, English and other kennel clubs.

Poodles were domesticated by the French for hunting ducks and geese by the 14th century. Spaniels became pet dogs in the 17th century.

After the exploding popularity of Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, the Cockapoo mix was bred as pet and show dogs.

Cockapoo Poodle Mix Physical Appearance

A cockapoo mix

Cockapoos are not complete poodle dogs. They have the looks of both Poodle and Cocker dogs. Apart from poodle looks, Cockapoo mixes have mustaches. This is due to the back-cross breeding.

Mixed breed dogs like the cockapoos are not pure line like the pure bloodline poodles dogs. But still, they have poodle’s features like their shiny soft coat and thick curly hair and

They are seen in a variety of colors like Brown, Apricot, Golden yellow, Red, Chocolate, Coffee, and a few other mixed shades.

They also have some features of the cocker dogs like the smooth silky hair. This coat is harder to maintain than a normal poodle single coat.

Now let us see when and how to breed a Poodle and Cockapoo mix.

Right time to Breed Cockapoos

The right time to breed dogs is when they are in heat cycle. Female dogs will have a heat cycle once or a few times a year.

Cockapoos are like the Poodle dogs in heat cycle. These dogs will have 2 heat cycles in a year. So, breed a Cockapoo on the first cycle for better results.

Heat cycle usually starts when the female dog is 6 months older. During this time, female cocker dogs will show signs of female heat like anxiety and fluid discharge from genitals.

The first heat cycle may vary on different dog breeds. Spaying pet dogs is usually done before or during the first heat cycle. Check Beagle spaying for details on dog spaying.

Apart from fluid discharge, the dog may also have blood discharge through genitals. This is common for dogs in heat.

Once after the fluid discharge is seen in female dogs, you can check the right time to breed by scratching the back of the female. Scratch the back just below the tail.

If the dog lifts its tail, it is a natural indication for male dog to start copulation. Take your dog to the breeder if it starts to lift its tail during heat.

How to Cross Breed Poodles and Cockapoos

Select the best male poodle for your female Cockapoo to mate. If a high-quality male and female are bred, they will produce great quality puppies.

Poodle Cockapoo mix is known for its awesome looks, no-shedding coat, and intelligent behavioral pattern.

Cockapoo mix dog intelligence makes them great choices as companions or guide dogs.

If female poodles are bred with male cocker dogs, the litter size of female poodles matters.

No.of puppies produced by Female Poodles will depend upon the dog’s size. Larger dogs produce more puppies than smaller dogs.

Standard Poodle will produce 4-6 puppies. Miniature Poodles can produce 4 puppies. Toy Poodles will have only one puppy.

Parent dog’s health and breed line plays a major role in the puppy’s overall health. Selecting pure bloodline dogs is important in the mixed breeding process.

Pure-line Poodles are greater in quality than mixed poodles. Check Pure line Poodle dogs to know about pure Bloodline Poodle dogs.

Cockapoo Breeding Process

When the female is ready, make the dogs get to know each other. The male dog will sniff behind the female before mating process

Female dogs may be rude and aggressive when male dogs try to breed. They may try to bite the male dog while cross-mating.

During the breeding time, try to hold the female cocker’s head. This will prevent the female dog from attacking the partner.

When the male successfully enters the female dog, it will be submissive and less aggressive.  Move away and they will take off the process by themselves. Don’t try interrupting the process.

Once the breeding process is done, the dogs will separate and move away. After a few months, the female dog will be pregnant and carry puppies inside her.

Cockapoo Mix Post-Breeding Care

After breeding, female dogs must be taken care of regularly. Cockapoos require constant care and love especially during the pregnancy period.

They must be fed properly with nutritious food at regular intervals for the growth of puppies.

Apart from feeding, proper exercise, regular visits to the vet also must be taken care of. This will help them produce healthier puppies.

This will cost a fortune from the time of pregnancy till delivery.

How much does a Cockapoo poodle pregnancy cost?

Puppy cockapoo from Pregnant cockapoo mother

The cost of pregnancy and maintenance of these dogs are costlier. This is due to the demand for high quality food, frequent vet visits and vaccination costs.

The most expensive part will be the Dog feed. Pregnant poodles and mixes must be fed high quality food for better puppies. This will cost a few hundred dollars.

Veterinarian costs will be the second highest expense. It will also cost a few hundred dollars. Vaccinating puppies after birth is mandatory.

All these costs added with the breeding cost will itself make the poodle mix dogs $1000 worth.

This price may rise depending on the demand for the type of dog in an area. This is the reason for the high price of poodles and poodle mix like the Cockapoo-Poodle crossbreed dogs.

Breeding can be done either by yourself or by breeders. Dog owners can try breeding if they have prior experience in breeding dogs.

But they must visit a trained breeder to breed Cockapoo poodle mix if they lack experience.

There are few types of poodle breeders in the market. You can select the breeder based on budget and necessities.

Cockapoo mix breeders

Cockapoo breeders

There are many breeders in the market breeding various varieties of dogs from pugs to poodles. They are divided into 4 types as

Backyard home breeders

They are people who raise dogs as pets and also use them for breeding purposes. Backyard breeders may be experienced in breeders. But they are not certified breeders.

Though they are not licensed, these people will have some experience on different dog breeds and their breeding.

If you are planning to go for a cheap Poodle Cockapoo mix breeding, then Backyard breeders can be a choice.

But be sure to make a study in the breeder’s previous breeding records. It is better to take someone who is expert in poodles and Cocker dogs with you while breeding.

If you are sure that the breeder can produce genuine quality Cockapoo mi dogs, then take this simple and cheap process. It may save up some money.

But if you are more focused on the quality, then expert breeders must be the choice.

Professional Licensed breeders

They are professional performing dog breeding for livelihood. Quality and customer satisfaction comes first for any professional dog breeder.

They will produce all breeds of dogs from pure line poodles to poodle Cockapoo mix dogs.

Licensed breeders are certified to perform dog breeding by any of the Kennel clubs around the world like the American, England or European Kennel Clubs.

This license will be given after various quality tests and inspections by officials.

If you care more about the quality of the puppy, then go to a licensed dog breeder. It may be slightly pricier but will be worth the breed quality.

Part-time Breeders

They are people who breed dogs for a few extra bucks. If they are free, you may take any other pet for breeding. But we don’t recommend breeding a poodle in a part-time breeding kennel.

Pets breeding in this area will be of lesser quality than a licensed breeding kennel.

Puppy Mills

These are places where dogs are bred in huge numbers only for money. Quantity is their only concern. Modern puppy mills never care about the quality of puppies.

Always stay away from these breeders for breeding. We said a lot about puppy mills in this Purebred Poodle blog.

Final words for Poodle Lovers

Poodle and cocker mix can make great Cockapoos. It will be like having a poodle with a mustache as a bonus.

They have more maintenance than typical poodle dogs. But it will be worthy of their beautiful appearance and energetic behavior.

If you are willing to have a Cockapoo mix, you can surely crossbreed a poodle and Cocker dog.

So, that was all about the Poodle Cockapoo mix Breeding..

We hope this blog helped you by clearing queries and getting an idea about the breeding and growing a Cockapoo mix

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

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