Is it safe for your rabbit to be alone

Can Bunnies Be Left Alone? – Leaving Rabbit-Home Alone

Staying alone is boring. Be it humans or rabbits. Pet rabbits always love some company around. But what if you are a working pet rabbit owner and leave it alone.

Let us see how long pet rabbits can be left alone on their own

Can Bunnies Be Left Alone?

Yes! Bunnies can be left alone for a few hours. But rabbits must not be left alone for a longer time. Rabbits dislike being alone and without company, they will become lonely. Working pet owners can leave their bunnies for a maximum of 10 hours with proper preparations.

Most modern-day pet rabbit owners are working people. They wish to be around their pets. But it happens only on the weekends. Weekdays are spent in

If you are a pet rabbit owner but worried about leaving your pet rabbit alone, don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all information on pet rabbit nature while left alone and 12 tips on leaving rabbits alone for an extended time period.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Is It Bad for A Rabbit to Be Left Alone?

Is it safe for your rabbit to be alone

It is bad for rabbits if they are left alone for longer durations. Naturally, Rabbits will not like being left alone. They might start to feel lonely and anxious.

Some rabbits may even suffer Separation Anxiety if left alone often.

Rabbits left alone for a longer time period are something to be concerned about. They always live as groups in the wild.

So, it is better to buy two rabbits if you can’t be around them often.

Paired rabbits can feel safer than single rabbits when left alone for longer durations. Approximately, a paired rabbit can be alone for 24 hours but 

What Happens if A Rabbit Is Left Alone?

Rabbits left alone for a short time period like a few-hour gap will not experience any problem. But rabbits are prey animals in the wild. They have the instinctive nature to be in groups.

When left alone for more than a day or two, they start to fear the danger of being the lone prey rabbit. They might even start to fear safety in your home.

Lone Rabbits start to feel insecure about their owner and may even develop separation anxiety if they are too fond of their owners.

Now let us see how long rabbits can be left alone.

How Long Can a Rabbit Be Left Alone?

Rabbits are dependent animals. They can’t be left alone for more than 2 days without proper practice and preparations.

Rabbits are social animals like other wild prey animals. They live only in pairs or groups. They are rarely seen alone in the wild.

On average, Rabbits can be left alone for 8 to 12 hours during the day. Apart from this, they can also be left during the weekend or more days with proper precautions and measures.

Now let us see the rabbits left alone during the daytime, weekends, and more than a week in detail.

Bunnies Left Alone During the Day

Can Rabbits Be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

Rabbits can be easily left alone 8-10 hours a day while you are working. It will be difficult for rabbits in the beginning, but sooner they will adapt to this routine.

Bunnies may feel bored if left for more than 10 hours. But you can spice this with a few tweaks.

Keep bunnies in a cage while you are at home and leave them free when you are away. This indicates the owner away = free time outside the cage.

But make sure to mix the free roam time when you are at home during weekends. This will improve the bond between you and the bunny.

Other Preparations for leaving bunnies home alone includes

  • Formulating a feeding schedule.
  • Filling enough food and water.
  • Rabbit toys for playing.

A feeding schedule can be formulated based on the feeding habits of your rabbit. Feed them once or twice a day and never overfeed them.

Rabbit diets can include pellets as a staple food and dark green leaves as salads. Adding high-quality hay can also be a good option.

You can spice up the menu by adding some fruits and veggies. Rabbits Eat Carrots and love other sweet veggies.

Fill adequate water for the rabbit and never keep them thirsty. Once you return home, you can Feed Some Pellets before bedtime to improve the bonding with the bunny.

Following this feeding schedule along with cage-free time can help rabbits stay alone for 10 hours max.

But what if you are leaving for a whole weekend?

Rabbits Left Alone on Weekend

Rabbits can be left alone on the weekends. But proper care and precautions are needed before leaving them 2 days straight.

It is better if bunnies have a companion to play with when left for a long time.

Keep enough food and water reserve before leaving for your weekend vacation. Fresh hay, pellets, and some green leaves can be a good choice for the menu.

You can leave them roaming around freely in an empty room with food and water. Adding a few rabbit toys can keep them entertained.

If you are worried about their safety, rabbits can be kept inside the cage. Make sure the cages are large enough for them to roam around.

Keep a bunny litter box and train your bunnies to litter inside the boxes to avoid mess and clean-ups.

But what if you are planning for a long vacation and leaving the bunny for more than a week?

Can Rabbits Be Left Alone for More than A Week?

Rabbits must not be left alone for more than a week. Leaving them alone for days will make them scared and even anxious.

This is because of their nature. Rabbits are prey animals and by nature, they live in groups. Lone days may harm their physical and mental health.

Leaving rabbits alone for a few days can be handled with adequate food and water supply. But this will be difficult if they are left alone for more than 3 days.

Everything from food and water supply, waste management, and the overall safety of rabbits will be very difficult to manage.

Even experienced rabbit owners find it difficult to leave their rabbits alone for a week or more.

The biggest problem for your rabbits could be running out of water. If proper water is not provided, rabbits will die within 2 to 3 days.

But still, there are a few tips you could follow to keep your bunny alone for weeks and enjoy your vacation. They are as follows.

12 Tips to Keep Your at Home for Extended Time

1. Get Another Rabbit

Get a pair for your rabbit

Rabbits feel happy and safe when they are in groups. So if you are someone who leaves your bunny alone often, consider buying another rabbit in your house.

It will be fun to have two rabbits in the house. Rabbits can easily become friends and have a good time as a pair.

If you have a bigger place and budget to accommodate two bunnies, give it a shot. It will be worth the experience.

3. Hire a Rabbit Sitter

Like hiring a babysitter, you can also hire someone to take care of your cute bunny. Hire someone to visit your rabbit once in a while.

Teach them the important things like when what and how to feed your rabbit. Explain to them how to fill water and also how to clean the bunny litter box.

Teenagers and high school girls can be good choices for this. Small children with experience would also love to be Rabbit Sitters.

4. Make Rabbit Friends with Rabbit Sitters.

It is very important to introduce your rabbit sitter to the bunny in advance. This helps them avoid getting scared and develop a bond with the stranger.

Once the bond is established between both, you can be less worried about your bunny and focus on enjoying the holiday.

5. Buy Larger Hay Feeder

Buy larger hay for rabbits

Invest in bigger hay feeders for your bunny. This will help you always stay in stock and care less about running out of hay for your rabbit.

6. Buy a Bigger Rabbit Water Dispenser

Rabbits need water more than anything. They must never feel thirsty or hop around in search of water. Like a bigger hay feeder, you can also invest in a bigger water dispenser for your rabbit to avoid frequent refill hassle.

7. Buy a Bigger Litter Box

Buying a bigger litter box for your rabbit will reduce the stress of constant clean-ups. If you are hiring a rabbit sitter, this will come really handy.

They can check it twice a day and clean it then and there. This will help a lot in the overall run and sure is one of the greatest investments you could make for your rabbit.

8. Have Other Pets in House

what pet can go well with rabbits

Caution! Rabbits are prey animals for dogs and cats. If not, the rabbit may be hurt or even die.

This is a tricky process. But if done well, it can be a wonderful experience to witness.

You may keep other pets with your rabbit. Cats and dogs may become companions for your rabbit. But make sure they are friendly in nature as rabbits are prey animals.

Introduce the other pet in your presence and let them get used to one another. Within a few days, they could be a good team.

When trained properly, Rabbits can be good companions for Poodles Left Alone. But this requires a lot of work and training. Most times this method fails. But when properly, rabbits shall make friends with your cat/dog.

Check Can Poodles Be Friends with Rabbits for a detailed study on Poodle – rabbit relationship.

9. Buy a Variety of Rabbit Toys.

Toys can be a great inclusion for your rabbits to play around. New toys will keep them curious and avoid feeling bored soon.

Give them to your rabbit sitter and ask them to play with a new toy every time. This will make them feel happy and avoid developing separation anxiety.

All the above products can be a great investment for any rabbit owner in the long run. If you are truly passionate about rabbits, do give it a shot.

10. Get Home Timer Lights

Timer lights can be great as they switch on and off automatically. Set the light to switch on in the evening and program to switch it off once bedtime comes.

11. Schedule Tv or Audio System on Timer.

You can also schedule your TV or Audio system to turn on at a particular time. Rabbits are highly attracted to television screens.

You can program it for a few hours so the bunny is glued to the screen.

12. Invest in Remote Monitoring Systems.

You can buy a remote monitoring system if you are someone who leaves the bunny often.

This helps you keep an eye on the cute little fellows from your office or vacation. Remote security monitors are cheaper and more affordable nowadays.

13. Seek Neighbour Help.

If you are tired of all these steps, you can always seek your neighbor’s or landlord’s help. Ask Mrs. Wicket to take care of your bunny along with her scrapper.

But make sure you are on good terms with her before asking.

Final Words for Rabbit Owners

We always suggest rabbit owners to be with them as long as possible. But if you are someone leaving your bunny often, make sure you take all the precautions.

Consider buying another rabbit to make them good buddies. If you are an experienced pet owner, you may even bring home a cat or dog.

Frequent vacation seekers can get help from rabbit sitters or neighbors. But always fill enough food and water for your rabbit before moving away from the house.

So, that was all about rabbits home alone.

We hope this blog helps you clear queries on rabbits staying alone in the house and what to do if you are leaving rabbits at home alone for a prolonged period.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved bunnies.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya!

Until then, keep hopping with your cute bunny…

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