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Blanketed German Shepherds – Complete Guide

German shepherds are great dogs to have and grow. There are few coat varieties of these dogs like the bi-coated shepherd, saddleback, and blanket back. Blanketed coat shepherds are also a great shepherd breed.

Let us see about the Blanketed German Shepherd in detail

What Are Blanketed German Shepherds?

The Black Blanketed German Shepherds are one of the breeds of Shepherds. They are heavier dogs with a black coat over their body. This coat will be like a blanket spread over your body. Hence they are called Black Blanketed German Shepherds.

They have black fur covered all over the body. This coat is thick with dense hair. The golden hair is found on the lower part of the body.

These dogs are obedient with a sharp memory and great understanding ability. The black blanket shepherds are even used as companion dogs in rescue centers and organizations.

Blanket Back Shepherd Nature

Blanket shepherds are very loyal and obey orders. But this is possible only if they are trained properly. These dogs are strong and furious like any other shepherds.

New dog owners may find it difficult to have these dogs as they easily turn rogue when left untrained.

They show true love towards their owner and shower love with family members. Blanket dogs also get with children.

Sometimes they can be attention cavers but if you shower them with love, blanket shepherds will even give you life.

Blanket Shepherd Training

As mentioned before, Blanketed Shepherds are great when trained properly. If they are not trained properly, these dogs are sure to cause trouble.

Blanketed blacks are hard to train dogs as they are Smart Dogs with independent nature. But if they are trained properly, these dogs can be very obedient.

If trained properly, these dogs can be great Guard Dogs for your family. They are known to guard sheep herds. This is the reason they are called German Shepherds

Training would be difficult if you are forcing your dog to perform new routines and follow commands. This is normal for all dog owners who are harsh on their dogs while training.

This can be made easy if you are taking things slowly and encouraging them on the training journey. Check Poodle training for a complete guide on training your dog.

Blanket Shepherd with Strangers

Blanket shepherds are loyal and even give their life to their owners. But they are not so towards strangers.

They will be great also with your family but not with friends if they visit you less often. We had a shepherd that loved the family and friends who visited often.

But it was harsh with strangers who I had never met. Blanket shepherds also bark a lot towards strangers.

So it is the owner’s duty to train their dog to be cool with strangers and not bark a lot. You can also introduce your friends often to your dog to make friends with them.

These dogs are also smart. They can differentiate between friendly strangers and real threats. So if you find them barking more than usual, it is something to be concerned about.

Blanket Shepherd Maintenance

blanketed german shepherd nature

German Shepherds are dogs with medium maintenance. They do not need more maintenance like poodles. Poodle Maintenance is higher as they are designer dogs.

Bath your dogs once in two weeks to keep them free from smelling and other skin-related problems.

Brush your dog teeth once in a few weeks to keep them smelling fresh. Bad Breath in dogs indicates either improper oral hygiene or following a poor diet.

Diet also plays an important role in your shepherd’s health. Make sure to give them a protein-filled diet for a better health condition.

They must also have a good sleep cycle to maintain proper health conditions. Check How Long German Shepherds Should Sleep for more.

Blanket Shepherds with Other Dogs.

Black Shepherds do not like when they are left alone. Most dog breeds are just like these dogs. Poodles Left Alone can be one such example.

Shepherds left alone will feel lonely and may even develop anxiety. Leaving your dog alone for more than 8 hours a day will make them suffer from separation anxiety.

Shepherds like to stay as pairs as they are social dogs. These dogs can be in groups and become socially comfortable with shepherds and other dog varieties.

Final Thoughts on Blanket Black Shepherds

Summing up, Black Blanketed dogs are great dogs with blankets like black coats. This coat is due to the black hair all over the top. They are smart and active dogs with high energy and stamina.

They can be a pain to train but when trained properly, blanketed shepherds will be your best loyal companion of the house.

These dogs can also be good guard dogs and do not need grooming like Poodle Haircuts. And feel free to check our recommended Mohawk Hairstyle.

Make sure to give a good diet and time for your dog. If done so, shepherds will be the best dog you ever had in your life.

So that was all about the Blanketed black coat German Shepherds.

We hope this blog helped you clear all queries about the beautiful blanket shepherds and how to make them your best companion.

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Related Question – Blanketed German Shepherds

Are German Shepherds Black and Tan?

Most shepherds are in black and tan coats. The black color is on the top part of the dog. Golden color fur is seen on the bottom part of the shepherd. 

These dogs form a pattern with both these colors. The black part will form a pattern like a mask around the face.

What Is Bi Color German Shepherd?

BI color German shepherds are dogs with black and golden colors over their bodies. They are a variation of the shepherd variety.  These shepherds have completely black coats over their bodies. Few spots like the legs, face, eyes, and eyebrows will have golden patches.

Are German Shepherds Black?

Not all German Shepherds are Black. There are varieties of shepherds like Bicolor, black coat, and complete black shepherds. Black Shepherds have completely black coats with black hair all over their body. The legs, face, eyes, and even eyebrows are black for this variety.

How Do I Know What Coat My German Shepherd Is?

German Shepherds have few types of coat. Sable, Saddleback, Complete Black, and Blanketed black coats. The black-colored coats shepherds have completely black color all over their bodies. The other two types have black and golden colored hair all over the body.

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