best spray millet for birds

Best Spray Millets for Birds

Birdkeeping can be fun, their naughty nature and pleasing screeches make anyone love them. But it becomes hard when it comes to the dieting section.

Birds must be carefully given proper nutritional seeds and fruits in order to have a healthy life.

Most of the time you’ll be feeding seeds and grains as they’re easily available anywhere. Millets are the best bird foods that are rich in essential minerals for birds.

In this blog, we’re going to see what are spray millets and how to feed birds with them for their well-being.

What Birds Like Millet

All birds are likely to do ground feeding for food. So, birds that like ground feeding will very much prefer to eat seed which includes millets.

Most birds with short and medium-sized beaks tend to do ground feeding because of their welcoming beak structure.

So short-beaked birds like pigeons, doves, parakeets, sparrows, etc.. like millets and other seeds in their diet.

Try spreading millet seeds around your yard or in an open space then you’ll come to know that predominantly all birds surrounding your area will begin to feed on them.

What Is Millet Spray for Birds?

Millet is a cereal crop that produces millet sprays. Sprays are nothing but long-sized stem-like structures that millet plant produces.

They’ll occur in cluster-like form, generally, in each cluster, there’ll be a chance of getting 7-10 elongated structures that make hold of millets with them.

Most of the time birds themselves eat millets from millet sprays and some birds like some caged birds who don’t have any experience need our help in segregating seeds from millet sprays.

Best Spray Millet for Birds

Spray millets are of different types. Of those types best variety of millet, species is determined by many factors like cost, value for money, nutritional content, etc…

Among all types of millets around the world, we’ve made it to the best two types in the world, which could be extremely good for your bird’s health.

They are:

Proso Millet

proso millet

Proso millets are a variety of cereal that has high protein content than any other millet species they hold about 13 gm of protein in 100 gm of millet.

And also, the carbohydrate percentage is also higher than any other millet grain varieties.

Foxtail Millet

foxtail millet

These are smaller than proso variety and also less shiny. It’ll be looking like a yellowish creamy color and also has a higher amount of carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients but lower than proso.

Other than proso ingredients it contains calcium in excess.

So, these two are the best millet varieties among the other millets available around the globe.

Spray Millet for Birds Bulk

Spray is rich in fiber content and carbohydrate content and also has fat percent at a negligible amount. It has about 0.4% fat(avg) in 100 grams which is insignificant in larger quantities.

Feeding spray millet for birds, makes them grow stronger and healthier. As these spray millets are one of the best cereals that are available. Not only birds, humans too consume millet.

Not only completed with carbohydrates it also provides phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium in considerable amounts which improves metabolism of the birds.

Is Spray Millet Good for Birds

Spray millets are completely good for birds. Even though there are many varieties of seeds available for birds.

There is no seed with high nutritional content and low fat like millets around. So, millets are one of the recommendable food for all caged birds.

More than food they consider spray millet as a toy for them. Birds don’t show the same energy that they show for spray millets to millet seeds. Not only stops with filling tummy, but it also becomes a stress reliever for them.

How to Grow Millet Spray for Birds

Millets can be easily grown anywhere with soil and some vermicompost. Plant the seed just below one inch under the soil. You either plant them on land or flower pots.

Millets can grow anywhere with moisture. But they require ample space from one another as they grow as big plants, they require adequate space for them.

After plants watering is required at least twice a week as you’re growing them at home water may not be a problem.

After two to three weeks the millet spray will begin to change color which means it is ready for feeding. Cut the millet sprays and feed them to birds. Not as grain but millet sprays.

Where Can I Buy Millet for Birds

Millets will be available in all bird pet stores as they’re major food for birds. And millets are foolproof food as no one can add fillers to it. So, millets are safe from scams, unlike other seeds.

Price may range from 5-15 $ per kilogram of millet. Prices are completely based on the quality of the millet.

My suggestion is don’t prefer to buy millet from shops. Millets can be grown easily as I said earlier and we’ve also mentioned a guide to growing millet.

So, without going to shops to buy millets grow your own millets for birds in an organic way free from chemicals which is good for birds’ health too.


Millets with their roasted golden and shiny appearance tempt birds to eat them. And be sure with the quality of seeds you’re going feed to them.

These tiny little creatures are purely innocent and eat what you’re feeding them with love. So quality check is essential.

The best kind of seeds are proso and foxtail millets which are good among the ones that are available in the market today.

Don’t blindly buy millets from shops grown your own millet for the birds and feed them. Nothing is healthier than a mother’s hand-prepared food likewise do prepare your own food for birds.

So, that was all about our facts regarding the best spray millet for birds and growing your own natural and organic spray millets for birdies.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries regarding what millet to feed and how to make them to grow easily in your own backyard easily.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little pussies.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.  

See ya! Until then keep chirping with your birds. 😉

Frequently Asked Question

Is Spray Millet Good for Birds?

Spray millets are good for birds’ health than any other bird feed seeds. Less fat and high nutritional content make them a healthier diet for birds.

Which Millet Is Best for Birds?

Millets with low fat and high protein content are good for birds. On the first go variety is proso millets and also foxtail millets.

They have high nutritional content and low fat which helps in birds’ metabolic rate.

Can Birds Have Millet Every Day?

With balanced seeds and fruit, diet birds can have millet every day. There are no limitations for birds to have millets at certain times of the week.

No restriction is needed but give them in an infrequent manner.

Is White Millet the Same as Spray Millet?

White millet is another name given to proso millet whereas the normal spray millet means regular golden brown colored one.

White millet is not the same as spray millet but is another subcategory.

How Do You Keep Millet Spray Fresh?

Usually, dried millet don’t need any special means of protection. Unless or until it contacts with moisture or water no caring is needed for them.

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