Best age to breed a beagle

Best Age To Breed A New Beagle – A Complete Guide

Confused about Breeding a New Beagle? Let’s see the best age to Breed a new Beagle.

Having a Female Beagle around the house is really great. But Beagle owners have the doubt on the right time to breed your cute female Beagle. So, When is the right time to breed your Beagle?

What age is best for Beagle Breeding?

Fertility and breeding of Female Beagles can be done by the first 6 months to a year and a half. For this, you must not spay your female dogs as spaying will cause them not to breed. “But it is better to wait till 2 years before Breeding your Beagles”, says the American Kennel Club.

Waiting for a few years will help them get more mature and produce healthier puppies. This will also make the motherhood period easy for the female Beagle. If you want to breed faster even before turning 2 years old, you can.

But, there are a few factors and measures to be taken if you are wishing to breed your female faster and bring home new members. Don’t worry! We ourselves had bred many puppies at their first year of age.

We made a compilation of all the knowledge on Beagle puppy breeding and how to breed your Beagle puppy safer and healthier.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Breeding Heat Period of Beagle

Every dog has a heat period when it becomes most fertile and ready to breed. This period is usually called the Heat of the Dog. Female Dogs have a heat period once or twice a year. But male dogs do it multiple times.

So, female dogs are usually called Monoestrous. But smaller dogs like Beagle will get into heat twice a year.

Heat period is the most important factor to consider when the owner is ready to breed his dog. Heat period is like the fertility period of a woman’s menstrual cycle. When bred during this period, the female dog gets pregnant.

The heat will last for half a month to three weeks. During this time, the dog becomes sexually active and indicates the sign ready for mating. Some of the signs that a dog is ready to mate are

Breeding can’t be done if you had spayed your Beagle before. Check Beagle Neutering and Spaying to get a clear idea of beagle spaying and its advantages.

Sign that your Beagle is in Heat

Beagles and other female dogs undergo some changes in their bodies during the heat. They are

  • Your Beagle starts to jump and cling on you more than usual.
  • The Vulva part becomes Pink or Red. It will swell bigger than normal.
  • Some slow fluid discharge can be seen in that area.
  • Beagle will start to whine in a slower and deeper tone.
  • The dog will become more close to male dogs.
  • Female Beagles will lift its tail and indicate the male dogs.

When these signs are seen in your Beagle, it indicates that she is in heat and ready to mate with a male. This is also a sign that your dog has reached its optimal breeding time.

During this time, the female dogs start to release eggs and the menstrual cycle begins. So, it is normal for the dog to feel cramps and pain. To overcome the pain, they start to sleep and be more relaxed. They may even turn lazy and lethargic. But this is normal.

This happens naturally when the dog is around a year and a half old. They can mate at that age itself. But we recommend waiting until the dog is two years old.

But Why Should you wait till your Beagle is two years to breed?

Why Should Beagles Wait Until two Years to Breed?

Breeding at 6 months is too early for beagles. When Beagles are bred in 6 or 7 months, it will be hard for them to cope up with the pregnancy. It is like taking a risk at a very young age as it is dangerous for the physical and mental health of a dog.

Breeding is not as simple as having male and female dogs together, then tada!! new puppy. Nothing happens as it. Dogs are also like humans.

There are few factors to consider and work on before getting your beagle ready for mating.

Factors to Consider before mating a Beagle

The American Kennel club had made some research on dog mating and the factors to consider before mating your puppy. They are

  • Be ready to have new puppies in the house.
  • Understand dog nature and heat cycles.
  • Know about your Dog breed and Genetics.
  • Seek advice if you are wishing to mix breeds.
  • Consult a vet if you need expert advice.
  • Take care of the dog during Pregnancy.
  • Pamper and grow the newborn puppies.

These were also some of the problems we face while the dog has bred with males. Unwanted pregnancy always shocks and brings home new inmates. If you already have difficulty in handling your dog, raising its puppies becomes even harder.

Also, more care must be taken during and after the dog’s pregnancy. They will become weaker than ever after giving birth to puppies. Health problems may occur if proper care isn’t taken.

But professional dog breeders make their dogs breed faster and more frequently to sell the newborn puppies. This is bad for the poor dog.

Breeding at a very young age or very frequently may affect the dog’s health in the long run. So, even if you are breeding dogs for business it is better to breed them at least after 2 years of age.

Also, make sure to breed them less frequently. This will ensure the birth of healthier and more quality puppies.

Okay, then how to breed the dogs if you have no idea on dog breeding or mating?

How to Breed Your Beagle?

Beagle breeding procedure

Breeding a dog is done in two ways.

  • The natural way where male and female breeds by coitus.

During this, The male and female dogs mate with each other and the male inseminates the female dog. At times, they may even get stuck and mate for 30 minutes or more.

This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Make sure not to pull them separately during this process. They will separate themselves once the mating process is over.

  • By Artificial insemination where the female dog is inseminated by already collected semen from a male breed.

Once breeding is over, pregnancy can be expected within the next few weeks. If not, then the dog will show up with the next heat period. If a dog is pregnant, it doesn’t go into heat period.

Check out this Beagle Heat Cycle Assist Video

Beagle Pregnancy

Dogs have a pregnancy period of sixty to sixty-five days. It is usually 2 months for most dogs.

Beagles also have a Pregnancy period of sixty to sixty-five days. These days are called the Gestation period by Vets and Professional breeders. IF you find any change and think it is due to pregnancy, take your Beagle to a veterinarian.

Once if the pregnancy is confirmed, then it is confirmed that you have successfully bred your female Beagle.

You can expect the female to give birth to puppies by the end of the gestation period (2 months). But during these months, the mother dog must be taken care of and nurtured properly.

Proper nutrition, feeding, and care are most important to produce great quality puppies after pregnancy.

Female dogs tend to eat more than usual during pregnancy. This is to produce enough nutrition for puppy formation and its growth. So during this time, start to feed more gradually than the normal feeding limits.

Try to feed 40 to 50 percent extra food than usual. Unlike other times, overfeeding during pregnancy won’t cause obesity or health abnormality with your dog. Instead, it is more helpful for the dog and its pup’s health.

After pregnancy, the puppies are born and the dog is technically ready to breed for the next heat period.

But we always consider giving some breaks for the dog to recover and become healthier. This will improve the quality of puppies in the next breeding period. Always remember! In the Breeding industry, Quality outperforms quantity.

Post pregnancy and Puppy care

Once after the two months period, your Beagle will complete the pregnancy period and will give birth to a few puppies. Beagles usually give birth to five puppies on average after a pregnancy.

Sometimes Beagles can even give birth to ten pups after pregnancy This number may vary on various factors.

Beagles will give birth by themselves and they won’t require help from us. After Deliver, our work is to check for the placental count and check if it matches with the number of puppies born.

Retained placentas can be a huge threat to the Dog’s health. If the placental number is not matching, take the dog to a vet. He will take care of it and remove the uncut placenta.

After this process, allow the dog and puppies to spend their own time. Don’t try to separate them from the mother before 7-8 weeks.

During this period, the puppies will feed and grow with their mother’s milk. They won’t need any other food than their mother’s milk. But make sure to feed more nutritious food for the mother dog. This helps it produce more milk for the puppies.

Once the puppies start to move away from the mother, they can be separated from the mother and sold to people.

Final Words for Beagle Breeders

Beagle dogs are great to breed as Beagle puppies can be sold for good dollars. But always remember not to involve Beagles inbreeding at a very young age.

Two years can be a great time to start breeding your Female Beagle. Breeding before it would make the dog weak and stressed. It may even lead to producing unhealthy puppies.

Hence, always start to breed any dog at the right age to get quality over quantity. Also, give some break for the dog and don’t let them immediately bred on the next heat after delivery.

So, that was all about Beagles breeding and the right age to breed your female beagle.

We hope this blog helped you clearing queries on breeding beagles at the right age and producing great quality pups.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your Beagle after they stopped crying and overcame loneliness.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your cute Beagle…Bow wow

Related Questions:

What is the best age to breed a Beagle?

Beagles can be bred from 8 months or older. But it is better to wait for 2 years before breeding the Beagle. This makes the pregnancy and delivery process for the dog much easier. Also, breeding older dogs will produce healthier and quality puppies when compared to breeding Beagles at a very young age.

At what age can a female beagle mate?

2 Years or Older is the perfect age for Beagles to breed and produce Beagle puppies. Breeding at a younger age may be dangerous for the dog either during pregnancy or the delivery period.

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