are turtle broken nails are dangerous

Are Turtle Broken Nails Dangerous? – Answered

Turtles are calm animals. They move slowly and seem to get hurt very rarely. But still, there are few problems when it comes to turtle nails.

Let us see about turtles getting hurt on the nails and what to do about it.

Are Broken Turtle Nails Dangerous?

Turtles with broken nails can be dangerous if they are hurt deeply. Small damages will not be a huge problem.

But still, care must be taken while treating turtles with broken nails.

Most turtles will move slowly and be careful with their toes. But sometimes, they may hurt their nails and even start bleeding. If your turtle is also in such a situation, then don’t worry or panic.

In this blog, we have made complete coverage of what to do if your turtle is hurt and bleeding over the toes and nails.

We have also compiled a few tips for a better turtle nail care routine for your turtles and tortoises.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

How Do You Stop a Turtle’s Nail from Bleeding?

If your turtle has broken nails, check for any bleeding over the injured area.

  • Take the turtle out of the tank and keep it away from water and dampness.
  • If there is slight bleeding, pat the area with a clean cloth first.
  • Patting with a dry clean cloth for a few minutes will stop the small bleedings by themselves.

But if the bleeding is more and for a long time, then it is something to be concerned about.

If the turtles are bleeding more with broken nails, it is better to take your pet to an expert or a vet immediately.

For first aid, you must wipe the blood with a dry cloth first. Then use Diluted Chlorhexidine like Novalsan.

This acts as primary protection and prevents initial infections. Apply some Neosporin and take your turtle to a vet immediately for treatment.

If immediate actions are not taken during the time of excessive bleeding, it may harm the turtle or even may cause fatality.

Can Turtles Regrow Nails?

can turtles regrow its nails

Yes! Turtles can regrow nails naturally after trimming or even an injury. Broken nails will regrow but it may depend on how bad the injury was prior.

Turtle nails are made of Keratin just like humans. They take time to grow after breaking or damaged. If the damage is small, the nails will grow faster.

Deeply damaged nails will take a longer time to grow. Other factors like food, hydration, age, and surroundings also play an important role in turtle nail growth and health.

If turtles are breaking their nails often, will trimming them periodically solve the problem?

Do I Have to Cut the Turtle’s Nails?

If your turtle is breaking its nails often, it is better to cut and trim them regularly to avoid periodical damages.

Turtles have a slower metabolism. They grow very slowly for a longer time. This is the reason we have so many aged turtles still living now.

Likewise, turtle nails also grow slower at a very small rate. If you are planning to trim the turtle nails, it will be okay to do It twice or a maximum of thrice a year.

Frequent trimming will allow the turtle nails to grow stronger and harder. Trimming will solve the problems of turtles with weak nails.

Now let us see how to groom turtle nails properly without hurting the turtle.

How to Groom Turtle Nails

Nails are tricky parts to groom for any animal. Pets like dogs, cats, turtles, and others have their nails to be trimmed once in a while.

But they are not easy as trimming human nails. Every animal will have a small tissue called the Quick that runs as the bottom of nails.

The quick carries blood supply to the nails. It must be left alone and only the top part must be trimmed carefully.

If the quick part is cut accidentally, it may cause bleeding over the turtle’s nails and toes.

So, it is better to trim your turtle nails carefully with a sharp clipper. Blunt clippers may cut irregularly or damage the turtle nails.

Try to trim the nails short but not touch the quick part during the trimming process.

It is better to have Hydrogen peroxide and Styptic pencils nearby during the whole process.

Apart from trimming, it is also important to grow better nails for your turtles. This helps them avoid daily damage and injuries due to broken nails.

How to Grow Better Nails for Turtles?

Weak nails in turtles are a sign of a bad diet and poor maintenance of your turtle. Brittle nails in turtles can be avoided by following a few steps like

  • Providing nutritious food for turtles.
  • Adding Vitamin-A and calcium to the turtle diet.
  • Daily sunlight exposure for turtles.
  • Treating turtles with a rich vegetable and fruit diet.

By following these steps, it is not only possible to grow stronger nails but also helps in repairing broken and damaged nails.

Final Words on Broken Turtle Nail

Summing up, take your turtle to a vet immediately if you find your turtle suffering from more blood loss due to a broken nail. Perform first aid and cover the injured area to avoid excessive blood loss.

If the bleeding is small, pat with a dry cloth and apply some antiseptic preferred by your vet.

It is also important to trim the turtle nails once in a while to avoid damage and breakage of nails. This also helps the nails grow stronger and in better shape.

If your turtle nails are breaking often, it may indicate lack of nutrients in your pet turtle body. Try to feed your turtle with proper nutrients and you will see them grow healthier soon.

So, that was all about turtles with broken nails and what to do if they are bleeding.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on Turtle nail grooming and why some turtles have brittle nails, how to make them stronger with proper food and medication..

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with your beloved turtles.

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Turtle Broken Nail – Related Questions

Are Turtle Claws Sharp?

Turtles have sharp claws which are used for hunting and maneuvering. Like other animals, turtle nails also help them protect themselves from danger and hunt food. These claws will be sharp even inside water as they are made of Keratin.

Can Turtles Regrow Toes?

No! Turtles are not capable of re-growing their toes like Lizards and a few other reptiles. Any injury can be healed over time but they are not capable of fully regrowing their toes. They are capable of regrowing toenails and not the complete toe.

Will Tortoise Nails Grow Back?

Yes! Tortoises are capable of growing their nails back. If the nails are broken or damaged, they will be healed and start to re-grow after a few weeks naturally. The speed of regrowing the nail will depend upon how hard the damage was.

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