Are quater horses good runners

Are Quarter Horses Better Jumpers? Top 7 Reasons Quarter Horses Can Be Better Jumpers

Quarter horses are one of the best when it comes to running on the field. They are known for their fierce strength and stamina. They are also fast on the field. But can quarter horses jump?

Let us see about the jumping ability of quarter horses and some best jumping horse breeds.

Are Quarter Horses Better Jumpers?

Yes! Quarter horses can be better jumpers. Jumping horse breeds are usually taller than 65 inches in height.

Quarter horses are not the tallest of horses but they can be trained to become the better jumpers in the field. It needs some patience and training to train them as jumping horses.

All living animals can be trained in a way according to our wishes. We’ve written about Husky Training and Parakeet Training. Feel free to check them.

If you are a quarter horse owner wondering about training your horse for jumps, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all the information on the basics of jumping horses and how to train your quarter horse for jumping.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Jumping Horse Nature

Can quater horses jump

Jumping horses are known for their taller stance and stronger hind legs. These horses are used in the Steeplechases.

Some of the best jumping horse breeds are

  • Holsteiner.
  • Irish Sport horses.
  • Dutch Warmbloods.
  • Hanoverian Horses.
  • Belgian Warmblood.

These horses are usually taller than 65 inches and can jump different levels of obstacles.

Jumping horses were also used in the war as war horses due to their galloping and jumping abilities.

Jumping horses are warm-blooded horses with proper bloodline mixing. This also helps them jump better than the Quarter horses.

Steeplechase horses can jump easily because of their tall nature. But how big are quarter horses?

How Big Are Quarter Horses?

Quarter horses will range from 14.5 to 16.4 hands tall which roughly is more than 65 inches tall. But they are not taller than natural jumping horse breeds.

They may be shorter but still, they are quarter horses. These horses are known for their strong hind legs and stamina.

Now let us see if Quarter horses can be trained as good or even better jumpers.

Can Quarter Horse Breeds Be Trained to Become Better Jumpers?

Quarter horses can be trained to become better jumpers. Even though these horses are not natural jumpers, they are natural runners with great stamina.

Taller Quarter horses have strong hind legs and the stamina needed to jump over hurdles and obstacles.

But the height plays a major role in the Quarter horse’s ability to jump. Make sure to choose quarter horses that are 16 hands or 65 inches tall.

Smaller quarter horses will not be suitable for jump training. Bigger quarter horse owners can trust their horses to move on to training them as jumping quarter horses.

The American quarter horse breed can be a good choice for training. The training becomes easier with a good trainer and training routine.

Now let us see the 7 reasons Quarter horses can be suitable for jump horse training,

Top 7 Reasons Quarter Horses Are Better Jumpers

1. Quarter Horses Are Stronger

Quarter horses are one of the strongest horses in the world. They have great physical and mental strength. Horses themselves are built naturally for strength.

This is the reason stronger people are compared to stallions. Quarter horses are able to run faster than sprinters with their dashing strength.

This strength is generated from the whole body. But most of the horse’s energy originates from its hind legs.

This helps them accelerate at higher speeds and travel faster. This can be used to train the horse for jumping.

The stronger hind legs will help the horse to gallop and jump at heights. If trained better, the quarter horses can become world-class jumpers.

2. Quarter Horses Are Powerful

Power and Agility are also other flexes of the quarter horses. As mentioned before the quarter horses will have their power generated from the whole body with major energy from the hind legs.

Horses are naturally built to run, pull and carry heavy. This addition to their intelligence makes them one of the smartest animals to train.

Quarter horses have the power to become jumping horses. All you have to do is concentrate all the power into jumping and training for the horse.

3. Quarter Horses Are Muscular in Nature

These horses have a structured body great for running and jumping. Their strong neck, legs, and body make them idle for running. But they are also good jumpers in nature.

Quarter horses also have a stronger core which helps them travel faster and longer distances. This is what helps them run at such a high speed in a very short span. Check How Far the Horse Runs for more.

We can use this to our advantage. Quarter horses’ muscular built and stronger cores can be trained properly to make them better jumpers.

4. Quarter Horses Are Easy to Train

quater horses are easier to train

Quarter horses are one of the easiest horses to train. But they will train only on their own. If they like the master or trainer, the training process will be easier.

But if the horse is not okay with the trainer, the whole training process can be a headache. So it is always better for the trainer to establish a connection with your horse before starting the training routine.

Some horses will be natural work machines like Christiano Ronaldo. They will be ready for any challenge and learn swiftly. These horses are the easiest to train types.

Other horses may be quite slower in learning, but they will also learn eventually. Don’t be harsh on your horse if they are not learning like other horses.

Younger horses will be easier to train than older horses, so it is better to start the jump training for your quarter horse as soon as possible.

5. Sleekness and Flexibility

Quarter horses are also known for their sleek nature with flexible bodies. This is due to hours of training and running on the field.

Running keeps them fit and stays healthier than the typical gaiting and jumping horses.

This athletic nature and flexibility will come in handy when the horse is expected to jump over obstacles.

But make sure the horse is tall enough to tackle and jump over the obstacles with ease.

6. Quarter Horses Are Courageous

Jumping higher obstacles or hurdles with a horse is not an easy task. It requires a lot of courage. Quarter horses are one of the courageous horse breeds.

But apart from the horse’s courageous nature, it must trust the rider to perform jumping. If either of the above fails, the horse may fall and cause injury.

Jumping higher obstacles at a faster pace is even more difficult and dangerous. But Quarter horses are capable of doing it like a charm.

Make sure you are bonding better with the horse to bring out the beast-like confidence in your horse.

7. Never Give up Nature

Horses generally are known for their Never give up nature. Quarter horses will push themselves to train even after multiple failures.

They won’t give up unless you are not satisfied or pushing the horse to perform. If you are training your horse, you may even start to develop the never give up nature within yourself.

But don’t try to push yourself and the horse to the limits. Take things slowly and enjoy every moment in the horse jumping journey.

Horse Breed Doesn’t Matter

The Horse breed always doesn’t matter when it comes to training the horse. If a horse meets the basic criteria, any horse can be trained to do anything.

Quarter horses when trained properly may perform similar to or even better than the natural jumping horse breeds.

All it takes is practice over the course. Rome was not built in a day. Just so, the horse will train to become better at jumping as the training process advances.

Final Words on Quarterhorse as Jump Horses

Summing up, Quarter horses can be trained to become jump horses with proper training and patience. This is possible with their strong mind, body, flexible nature, Muscular build, and never giving up nature.

Quarter horses are also easy to train. All it needs is a good training routine and a great bonding between you and your hose. If this is done, the sky is limited.

So, that was all about training Quarter horses for jumping obstacles.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries about quarter horses as jumping horses and what are the things that are favorable in this process.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with your beloved horses.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family.  Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then keep riding your awesome horses.

Quarter Horses – Related Questions

Are Quarter Horses Warm-Blooded?

Quarter horses are not natural warm-blooded horses. They lack the necessary cold blood bloodline mix in the bloodstream to be warm-blooded horses.

Quarter horses are mixed horse varieties with improper bloodline mixing.

Some of the common warm-blooded horse breeds include jumping horse breeds like Hanoverian, Oldenburg, and Irish sport horses.

Are Quarter Horses Gaited Breed?

No! Quarter horses have not gaited breeds. They are bred specially to run quarter races. Gaited horses are trained and explicitly bred as Gait breeds.

But still, Quarter horses can also be prepared for gaiting. Gait-bred horses will have a natural four-beat gait.

Some of the gaited breed horses are the Morgan, Paso Fino, Tennessee walking horse, American Saddlebred, Racking Horse, and few others.

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