Can poodles be friendly with other dogs

Are Poodles Friendly With Other Dogs? Complete Poodle Get Along Guide

Are poodles friendly? Let us see if Poodles can get along with other dogs.

Poodles are great dogs to have. They are social animals, but still, poodle owners have the doubt if they could be friendly and move along with other dogs. Moreover, these dogs are seen alone all time.

Do Poodles Get Along With Other Dogs?

By Nature, Poodles won’t be going along with other dogs. When trained, given proper practice, Poodles can be friendly with other dogs. Poodles become anxious and nervous when they are newly encountering another dog.  By following a few routines, Poodles will make great companions.

Poodles may not be socially active from the beginning. But they are intelligent dogs. Poodles are one of the easier dogs to train and follow new routines.

Let us get to know about the whole process of training poodles and what breed dogs can go along with poodles.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Poodle trainability and Intelligence

Before moving on to training Poodles, we must know about Poodle’s trainability and intelligence. Canine intelligence is usually based on the dog’s trainability and adaptability.

There are some dogs that are intelligent in the wild, but difficult to train domestically. Huskies are such examples. These huskies are very intelligent but independent-natured.  Learn more on Siberian husky training and intelligence.

But Poodles are different. They are one of the easy and intelligent dogs to train. They were first used by the French to hunt ducks and geese. Poodles are considered as the Nation dog of France. 

Poodles can easily adapt to new routines and go along with other dogs when trained properly. This is why we can find more Poodles in dog shows and canine beauty contests.

Training Poodles to be friendly

Poodles are reserved in nature. They can become friends and make great companions with other dogs with some positive intent and rewarding training techniques.

These techniques can be used to train any dogs. These steps are based on this source article from Wagwalking.

Treat when visitors pass

Dogs are social animals. They like to be around other dogs easily. If your Poodle doesn’t like to be with other dogs, we can still train them.

Whenever your dog encounters a new dog passing by, treat them. This makes them understand that meeting other dogs at a distance is rewarding. But be strict when the dog shows any aggressive behavior.

Take Poodle Closer to other Dogs

Can poodle get along with other dogs

Take your Poodle to any place with dogs. Let the Poodle explore the whole area. Either new dogs will visit your dog or your Poodle might go near other dogs. Whenever they perform this, treat them.

This trains the poodle psychologically – meeting and stating with other dogs is a rewarding process. Eventually, your Poodle will start to make friends sooner in the dog park.

Make sure they are not touching or coming in contact with each other. This makes it awkward for your Poodle. Maintain one or two feet of distance between the dogs.

Go For Walk with Friends

When your Poodle is easy going, you can take it for a walk parallel with other dogs. This helps it build a bond and trust with other animals. When taking a parallel walk, maintain a few feet distance between the two dogs.

Reward after every walk session. This is very important in training. At initial stages, Make sure they both come in contact with each other. It may result in push pull or even quarrel

Get into Groups

Once when your Poodle is okay with meeting and walking with other dogs, you can introduce it to other dogs. They can either meet single dogs or go into a group of dogs

You can meet with other dog owners and ask for permission to accompany their dogs. Take it slow and if any bad behavior is seen, punish immediately.

We recommend starting off with a single dog and then moving on to a dog group .Once your dog is okay with single dogs, you can move on to meeting dogs in groups.

Keep rewarding to make them interested in the process. Rewarding also makes them concentrate their time with other dogs.

Training Poodles vary with the type of Poodle you own. We will discuss Poodle training in a minute. But first, let us see about the benefits of training your Poodle

What are the Benefits of Training Poodles?

Training poodle for Dog show

When Poodles are trained to meet other dogs, it makes them understand your commands more. It also improves the bond and understanding between the owner and Poodle.

Poodles are trainable intelligent dogs. These training routines make Poodles loyal to owners. Training can also help them participate in dog shows like

  • Beauty Dog show.
  • Athletic Dog show
  • Dog show on Obedience.
  • Dog show on Intelligence.

While participating in Dog shows, they get to meet a variety of dog breeds and make friends with them. This improves their social skills. Also dogs love attention.

Dogs feel great when more people see them performing and exhibiting their talent. This will surely boost your Poodle’s overall confidence.

These are some of the Benefits of training dogs. Now let us jump on to the different training methods for different Poodle varieties.

Cruft is a competition where people bring their poodle irrespective of their breeds. They show their poodle’s obedience level among their viewers and the owner who gets more points from their poodle’s behavior will get the trophy.

General Training for Different Poodle Varieties

Poodles are of three types based on their size and appearance. They are

  • Standard Poodle.
  • Miniature Poodles.
  • Toy Poodles.

Based on the breeding nature also, Poodles are classified as Purebred poodles and mixed variety. Check Purebred Poodles to know If your Poodle is a pure bloodline dog.

Poodle’s nature varies with their variety. Each type of Poodles must be trained with different methods.

Training Standard Poodles

Standard Poodles are the largest of the Poodle variety. This makes them the easiest of the Poodle variety to training. Larger dogs are naturally concentrated natured. They are not easily distracted.

Smaller the Poodle, harder to train. This is why training toy Poodles are difficult to train. We will see about Toy Poodles later.

Standard Poodles will not move around and run away like other Poodles. They will sit and listen to commands. Treating them timely will make them obey the commands.

They are more mature dogs. So, treating them with treats or food will suffice. There won’t be any need to use toys to make them concentrated in training.

Make them understand the value of treats. Always keep treats at eyesight, but don’t give them immediately. When good behaviors are seen, treat them. This will make them understand the process and progress sooner.

Don’t be shy to punish them if any bad behaviors are seen. This will make them more obedient and prevent any permanent bad behavior build up in the future.

So, Standard Poodles can be trained just with treats. All it requires is your work and a little patience. But Standard Poodles are smart dogs. They will understand and progress quickly.

Miniature Poodle Training

Miniature Poodles are smaller than Standard Poodles. This means they have the same energy as Standard Poodles but in a smaller body.

So, they move swiftly and get easily distracted. This makes Training process difficult. But still, they can be trained.

Use treats for training miniature Poodles. Food will usually do the trick, but if food is not making your Poodle interested, you can use colorful toys and things. This makes Poodles concentrate more on the training process.

Dogs can see only Black and white. But still, they can identify brighter and darker shades. Use bright and dull toys to keep them concentrated.

Miniature Poodles move faster during the training process. They dislike being in one place for longer periods. So, deciding to train in Open Park or ground would be a bad idea.

Park training will make you run behind your dog for hours, ending up exhausted. Choose a closed and smaller place. This will help them move and not to run away.

Younger dogs can learn quicker than mature dogs. But still, they are more distracted than older mates.

So, training your Miniature Poodle will test your Patience. But in the end, it will be worth the work and time.

Training Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles are the smallest of all. They are also the fastest and naughtiest of all. Toy Poodle’s small nature always makes them stay curious. They always explore the area around them and get bored easily.

This makes training Toy Poodles the hardest among all poodles. Their packed-up energy and small stature make them difficult to catch up with. They always walk, run, climb, jump but never stay in a single place.

Even older toy poodles are very curious and hard to handle. But still, Toy Poodles can be trained with tricks and some patience.

Treats may not only be sufficient to make them train and obey your commands as they get bored easily. But along with treats, you can use attractive toys and colorful objects to stay interested.

These toys and bright-colored objects will help overcome the short attention span and keep them interested in the training regime.

Once you make them habitual to training, they will be on the court before you score a home run!

Dogs Compatible with Poodles

Poodles can be trained to go along with almost any dog. But there are few dog breeds that make friends with Poodles naturally. Some of the friendly dog varieties are

  • Counterpart Poodles.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Havanese.
  • Beagles.
  • Huskies.
  • Yorkie.
  • Pug.
  • Pekingese
  • Shih Tzu.
  • Airedale.
  • Bassette
  • Bernese mountain dog, etc.

These dogs are smaller and Poodles can get along easily with other smaller dogs. They may become aggressive if they encounter larger dogs.

But when they are trained they can also do good with larger dogs.

Poodle Bad Behavior with Other Dogs

While training, Poodles may show some bad behaviors. They will Bark, Whine, and may even become stressed.

When they are seen performing any of the above, take a break on sessions. Let them stay alone and enjoy time with you.

Pet them, make them feel happy around you, You can resume the training sessions once when you feel they are happily ready.

Final Words for Poodle Owners

Every living being in this world needs others to live and survive. Poodles also need to go along with other dogs to have a clear mind and a happy livelihood.

It may be difficult at first. But with proper practice and training, Poodles will make new friends and drop basses at parties!

So, that was all about the Poodle’s social behavior and adapting ability.

We hope this blog cleared all your queries on Poodle making new friends and how to train them socially active.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Poodles Aggressive to Other Dogs?

No! Poodles are social dogs. They can get along with other dogs and animals easily. At First, Poodles may show some hesitation to be with other dogs. But poodles can make friends with other animals easily on proper training and patience. Poodles will become aggressive if they encounter threats or loud noises.

Do Poodles Need a Companion Dog?

Poodles are hunter dogs. They move in clan and hunt ducks and geese. Poodles can also live alone. But it is better to have other Poodles in your house to keep them entertained and happier. Sometimes they may get into quarrel, but still having two dogs in a house will make them mutually supportive and helpful.

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