Are Huskies Smart Dogs, Siberian husky training and intelligence

Are Huskies Smart Dogs? Siberian husky training and intelligence

Let us see about Siberian husky training and intelligence

Huskies are cute Siberian dogs. They are athletic, socially active and it is always fun to have huskies and play with them. But still there comes a question if huskies are Smart dogs.

Are Huskies Smart? How smart are they? Huskies are one of the average intelligent dogs when it comes to training. They rank 74 out of 138 in the obedience intelligence as a Work Dog. This is because huskies are Independent dogs in nature. They are stubborn-natured. So, it is difficult to train huskies.

But it is not impossible to train a Husky. In this blog, we have presented the study made for hours on huskies common intelligence, training intelligence, and how to train them.

So, sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Dog Intelligence

According to dog owners, Dog intelligence is the ability of dogs to recognize commands and act accordingly. It also includes learning new skills and behavior when needed.

This type of intelligence is seen among many easy to domesticate dogs. But huskies were from the wild.

They evolved to grow in the harsh conditions of Siberia. They had to hunt and protect on their own to survive.

So, this doesn’t count under the normal dog intelligence. Dog intelligence also includes activities requiring good brain usages like puzzle solving, brain games, and food puzzles.

So, a dog’s intelligence is measured in many different ways. It is called the intelligence criteria of a dog. Intelligence criteria is calculated by

  • No repetitions are required to learn a new command or skill.
  • Success rate of dog learning new command in first few tries.

Based on this obedience test, a dog’s intelligence is calculated. But since huskies are independent in nature, they fall under the average category of obedience intelligence

Dogs like German shepherd, Rottweiler, Labradors, and Doberman are more obedient and considered as one of the most intelligent dogs when it comes to intelligence criteria.

Husky Natural Intelligence

Huskies are one of the most intelligent dogs in the wild. They had sharpened their skills to survive the cold and harsh wild conditions. In fact, they are one of our top picks when it comes to survival skills and survival intelligence.

But this intelligence puts them in the average category when it comes to training and obedience intelligence. They are independent in nature. So Huskies love to take care of themselves rather than taken care of.

Intelligent people are always stubborn. So are Huskies. Their intelligence makes them stubborn and ruggedly natured.

While other dogs love to obey their owner’s commands, Huskies decide what to do on their own. If they think it is better for them, they will obey your commands.  Else they will move away.

They carry most habits from their ancestors. Wild Huskies used to protect themselves by burying pits and creating their own shelter. Huskies do this often in their backyard.

This is an act of instinct. They also hide prey and other items inside the pit.

Huskies were not bred to move around houses and play with humans. In the past, they were bred to pull sledges over long distances. We will see this in a later part of the blog.

Also, huskies love to hunt prey in the wild. If your house has smaller animals or cats, then sure they are in danger of becoming prey.

Untrained Huskies are seen to feed on cats and prey on other small pets in houses. You can either train them to be around cats and other animals. Else don’t keep cats and Husky in the same house.

Huskies are more athletic and spontaneous when running, jumping fences, or passing through snow piles. This is where the Husky Intelligence comes into play.

They may also try to escape the house to become an independent artist of nature. Huskies have great navigational skills and can spot and follow directions and patterns in nature easily.

This Directional intelligence helped humans greatly while they carried and pulled sledges in Siberia over longer distances.

So, huskies may not be obedient and learn to follow orders and commands. But still, it doesn’t mean huskies are dumb dogs.

Is Husky Hard to Train?

Hard to Train Huskie

The next question that obviously arises with husky owners “Are huskies hard to train” Yes! Huskies are not easy to train. They are independent dogs working in their own wish and will. In our experience, Huskies are one of the most difficult dogs to train.  But still, they can be taught some basic discipline routines.

But if you are looking for a dog to be around, help, and obey your commands any time, then huskies must not be your first choice.

You can pick some easy-to-train dogs like a German shepherd or Doberman. Beagles can also be a good choice.

Check out Beagles can be a good service dog?

Remember! Huskies are like wilder wolves than domesticated dog breeds. They are full of energy and always work independently. They don’t like to work on command.

Huskie Popularity, Personality and Temperament

Huskies are of Siberian origin. In recent times they have become one of the most popular breeds. They have been ranking constantly among the top popular breeds for the past 5 years.

According to a study by the American Kennel Club, Huskies were in 12th position out of the 193 total dog breeds around the world. They constantly ranked between 15 and 12 in the past 5 years.

Their Popularity is increasing more than ever before because of their awesome appearance and athletic nature. They started to gain popularity when sledge racing had gained its popularity in the 1900’s.

Huskies were the dogs to pull the sledges. Their strength and stamina made people admire and move on to grow this breed in houses.

But still, they are one of the difficult dogs to train because of their temperament and a wild personality.

Huskies are social animals and love to keep strangers around them. Huskies always love to live in packs rather than single. This helped them improve their chance of survival in the wild.

So, Huskies can’t be Guard dogs. But huskies can be good work dogs. They can pull sledges over long distances and run for longer time periods. They have immense stamina and energy.

Huskies won’t bark a lot but will make some howls and growls at times. They love other animals and won’t harm them unless it is their prey. This friendly nature with strangers is the reason for its popularity among owners.

But professional dog keepers have nightmares when training Huskies. But why are Huskies so hard to train?

Why are huskies hard to train?

Prey Driven Nature

Huskies are independent and wild. They hunt and have their own prey in the wild. This nature will make them more ferocious when taken to the wild. Their ancestral activities will switch on immediately when they are taken to wild places.

Even in household areas, they will move on to other houses to prey on cats and smaller animals found nearby. This would be a nightmare for both the owner and neighbors.

Also, this prey finding nature drives them far away from home. Siberian huskies are reported as one of the most lost dogs. They move even miles in search of prey.

If you are not having a proper place to keep your Huskie intact, they may move on forever. Make sure to have a safe and enclosed place to prevent your Husky from moving away.

Not Rewards Driven

The main factor in dog training is dogs performing certain tasks and obeying commands to get rewards. This motivates them to work faster and harder to gain extra rewards.

But Huskies are independent dogs. They won’t worry and care about rewards or attention.

They would be more interested to walk, run and play along with other dogs rather than obeying someone’s commands. For beginner dog keepers this may seem like Huskies are dumb dogs as they won’t obey the commands.

It is not that they understand the commands. They will understand clearly but in return, they will not obey or perform the said task. Huskies are stubborn, intelligent dogs.

These factors make it difficult for dog trainers and Huskie keepers to train Huskies to obey commands and perform activities.

But don’t worry. Still, there are some ways to train your cute Husky. We have done some research on how to train a husky from the pup period. But this may work only if done from pup period.

Grown-up dogs are difficult to train. The same applies to Huskies. So, always train dogs when they are pups. This makes the work of dog owners and trainers easier.

The steps to train your Husky are

How to train your Husky Effectively

How to Train Your Husky

We have learned from this blog that Huskies are smart dogs. Even though they are stubborn, they can still be trained with some practice and a lot of practice. It will be difficult but will be worth it.

The steps to train your Husky to obey commands and be a good boy are

1.    Start to Train when they are Puppies

Young children can be taught new things more quickly than adults. They will be more curious to learn new things. This makes teaching easier.

The same applies to dogs too. We, dog keepers and dog trainers always like to start with puppies. Puppies are like a blank paper and we can write anything we wish. This allows us to train them according to our needs and wishes.

You can train them on what to do and what not to. When something becomes a habit, it becomes difficult to change.

So train them on what to be done and also don’t forget to show them what not to do.

This will help you when the dog doesn’t make a mess in future. You will thank yourself for training Husky to be so since the beginning.

2.    Spend Quality time with your Huskie

Huskies won’t follow the orders as they always tend to move away and stay alone. Try to spend some time with your Husky to make it more obedient and easy to train. This will build an emotional bond with your dog over time.

When you show love and trust over your Husky, in return they will also start to respect and trust you. As the trust builds, they will slowly start to listen to what you are saying or commanding to perform.

This bond with your husky will slowly make it forget the urge to be independent. They will start to hang out more with you, expecting to spend more time with the owner.

But never try to train your dog by frightening or threatening. This will cause fear and never allow you to create a bond anymore.

Just like how students love the teacher who never yells at students and understands them, your dog will start to love if you stop yelling at it and start loving.

So, always try to maintain a good relationship with any dog which you are planning to train. When a bond is created, consider half the work is done.

3.    Appreciate your Huskie

Appreciation while training is much necessary for any student to participate and work more in the training process. Digs too expect rewards and good attention during training.

Always give them verbal praises after accomplishing a job or obeying your command. A pat on the head will help them easily understand that he is doing something correctly.

But when the Husky is expressing bad behavior, act immediately and punish. This will avoid unnecessary activity buildup over the long run. We have seen many such cases.

In our Dog keepers community, we have seen people encouraging dogs to perform bad habits. Later after growing up, the dog does the same and the owner regrets not correcting it from the beginning.

Huskies don’t expect attention, but still, you can train them to be so from puppyhood. Feed baby carrots or chewy. This will make them obey your commands quicker.

4.    Have patience and Persistence

It will always be difficult to train a Husky when compared to other dog varieties. Huskies are much stubborn in obeying new commands and following new routines.

But we must be patient while training them. You will easily lose cool if the husky is not following orders and commands. But if you start to yell, you may scare the dog.

This will make it difficult for owners to create a good bonding with the Husky. Even more, care must be taken if the puppies are trained. Puppies are soft and vulnerable. So, always have patience.

Also never lose your hope and work persistently. This work requires some time and effort to be added. You have to pay the prize and sure you will thank yourself later for dedicating such time to your cute Husky.

5.    End session with good mood

While ending a training session, always end with a good or happy note. This will make the dog a bit easier and ready for the next session. A bad session may make the dog run away from another training period.

Training can be done a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes for 2 times. If you overdo, it may stress your husky and cause unnecessary anxiety. Avoid longer sessions and always end the session with a vocal praise note or physically cuddle or a pat on head.

Final words for Husky owners

We are frank about Husky Training. It is one of the most difficult dogs to be trained. We ourselves had experienced how difficult it is to train a husky dog.

But after training, they will work on your command much faster and quicker. They will always be amazed by their energy levels and work stamina. SO, if you are planning to train your Husie, you can surely give it a shot.

But always remember to have persistence and patience. Better to start off with a puppy Husky rather than grow up.

So, that was all about Husky Intelligence and how to train your husky.

We hope this blog helped you clearing queries on your Husky’s nature and how to alter it with proper training.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your awesome Husky.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your brave Husky…Bow wow!

Related Questions

Are Huskies one of the smartest Dogs?

Yes! Siberian Huskies are one of the smartest dogs. Huskies are one of the smartest wild dogs. But they are not obedient like other easily breedable Dogs. Huskies are wild-natured and love to be independent. This will make them not obey orders and perform tasks.

This may make people think Siberian Huskies are not smart. But they are very Smart. They can solve Food puzzles and hunting games easily

Are Huskies Smart or Dumb?

Huskies are smart, social, and intelligent dogs. They are mischievous with great personality traits. Huskies can get along with other dogs easily and love to hang in groups or packs.  They are not Dumb dogs but very smart when it comes to hunting, preying, and route finding.

Are Siberian Huskies Hard to Train?

Siberian huskies are very hard to train. Siberian Huskies are Independent Dogs. Independent dogs are difficult to train So, Huskies are difficult to be trained too. By nature, they show traits like leadership, creativity, stubbornness, and strong will.

All these traits are shown only by the hardest of animals. So, Siberian huskies can survive easily in the wild but are hard to be trained as work dogs. They won’t easily obey and act on our will.

What is the IQ of Siberian Huskies?

Siberian huskies have a High IQ. But, they are considered as one of the average dogs on trainability and teaching commands. This is because of their independent nature and preying ability.

Huskies are in fact ranked as number two in the top ten smartest dog breeds according to But the same intelligence makes them stubborn.

This is the reason for many consider Huskies dumb as they won’t listen and respond to the commands of owners or people. They will not follow the commands unless they are given intense training from a very young age.

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