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Are Grey Toy Poodles Rare? Grey Poodle Guide

Toy poodles are one of the cutest and smallest dog varieties. They are smaller than miniature poodles and come in different shapes and colors.

Of all these colors, Grey toy poodles are not seen often. Are grey toy poodles rare?

Let us see Grey poodles, and grey toy poodles, and how much they cost to buy in detail.

Are Grey Toy Poodles Rare?

are grey toy poodle rare

Grey toy Poodles are rare. They are not seen more in number like the black, brown, or white colored poodles.

Grey toy poodles are a type of toy poodle where coat is grey in color. These toy poodles may have a grey coat by birth or the color will turn grey after a few months.

But new poodle owners get confused with the different types and colors of poodles. There are actually many types of poodles in different color ranges.

If you are one such person wondering about selecting a good grey toy poodle from the ocean of options, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all information on toy poodles and what causes the grey color in toy poodles.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

What Are the Types of Poodles?

Poodles come in various types. These types are primarily based on the poodle size and breed line. Poodles are classified officially by the American Kennel Club as

  • Standard poodles.
  • Miniature poodles.
  • Toy poodles.

Standard poodles are the biggest and oldest poodles by breed. They are purebred dogs with good gene lines.

Miniature poodles are smaller than standard poodles but bigger than toy poodles. These poodles are bred by genetic modifications.

Miniature poodles are smaller dogs suitable for apartment dog lovers.

Toy poodles are the smallest of all poodle types. They are so small that they fit in your palm. These dogs are small in size but come with a bigger price tag.

Apart from these official types, there are other types of poodles that are not officially recognized by the AKC. Check Types of Poodles for more.

Apart from these types, there are 25 Types of Small Poodle Mixes which are a product of mixing poodles and other dog breeds.

Now let us see about the grey toy poodles in detail.

What Are Grey Toy Poodles?

Grey toy poodles are a type of toy poodle where the dog has a grey-colored coat. Many grey toy poodles will be born in blue, black, or brown shades.

As they grow older, The Progressive greying gene will turn their coat into a grey color.

If any of the parents have a grey-colored coat, then the toy poodle will likely have a 50% chance of the coat turning grey.

When Do Toy Poodles Turn Grey?

As said before, most grey toy poodles will be born in black, blue, or brown colors. They will start to change color by the 2nd month.

The dog will have a full grey coat by the end of the first year.

Some poodles on others will have a grey coat by birth. This is rare but still, the number is bigger to be considered.

If you are trying to buy a grey toy poodle puppy, get a grey one from the beginning. You can also choose a puppy with a grey coat parent.

What Are the Different Toy Poodle Colors?

Toy poodles come in different colors. There are a few colors that are more common like

  • White.
  • Black.
  • Brow.
  • Beige.

Apart from these colors, there are a few other rare colors like

  • Grey.
  • Silver.
  • Golden.
  • Red
  • Apricot.

What Is the Rarest Poodle Color?

apricot toy poodle

Apricot is the rarest of all colors in poodles. This is because of its recessive genes in apricot poodles.

Apart from apricot, grey, silver, and red poodles are also rare colored poodles. These poodles also lie on the pricier side. But how much does a grey toy poodle cost?

How Much Is a Grey Poodle?

Toy poodles are pricier than standard poodles. This is due to its small litter size and rarity. Healthy Grey Toy poodles will cost $4000 or more.

Apart from the buying price, toy poodles will cost more for maintaining their looks like the Poodle Haircuts, Poodle food, and more.

So, buying a toy poodle is always on the pricier side. This is why poodles are kept as show dogs and not regular guard dogs by poodle enthusiasts.

Are Silver Poodle Puppies Cheap?

No! Poodles are expensive dogs. A healthy standard poodle will cost more than $2000. This is much higher when compared to other dog breeds like the Siberian Husky or German shepherd.

Miniature and toy poodles are even pricier. A miniature or Toy poodle can easily cost $3500 or more. The price goes up higher if you are expecting better gene lines or rare colors.

Final Words on Grey Toy Poodles

Summing up, grey toy poodles are rare dogs that are initially born in blue, black, or brown color. They change to a silver shade after the 2nd month and turn silver completely after a year.

But these dogs are on the pricier side as grey toy poodles will cost more than $3500 to buy. But it will be worth every penny spent for the cute package you get.

So, that was all about grey toy poodles.

We hope this blog helps you clear queries on what grey toy poodles are, what color they are born and how the color changes.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your grey poodle after they changed their coat color.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your cute poodle…Bow wow

Grey Toy Poodle – Related Questions

Are Toy Poodles Rare?

Yes! Toy poodles are rare when compared to other poodle varieties. This is due to various reasons. Mother toy poodles produce a maximum of 4 puppies after mating.

This is smaller when compared to the litter size of standard poodles. Toy poodles have smaller litter sizes due to their size. This is the main reason for the rarity of toy poodles.

How Can I Tell if My Poodle Puppy Is Silver?

You can tell the poodle puppy is silver-colored if the dog is silver by birth. The poodle puppy may also be silver if any one of the parents is silver shaded.

These puppies will be blue, black, or brown colored. As time passes, poodles will turn silver completely.

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