Beagles good service dogs

Are Beagles Good Service Dogs

Let us learn about beagles as service dogs

Dogs are true human companions. They are more trusted by humans because of their trustworthy nature. Service dogs are a great choice to be used in human aids like work services, emotional therapy, and helping physically disabled humans.

But, are beagles good dogs? Beagles are soft dogs. They can be used in therapeutic services and emotional services. But they can’t be used for field or physically demanding services. They can also do great in snuffing bombs, drugs, and other illegal items.

Beagles are smaller and softer dogs. This makes them a great choice for all mentally related therapies. Their cute nature makes them adorable. But they can’t perform physically demanding work. So, Beagles must be used for specific works.

In this blog, we have made a clear study on beagles’ physical and mental nature and which fields can be used and not as service dogs.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Beagle traits as service dogs

Service dogs must have some traits and tests to be passed. Beagles too have some traits that make them better for few works and unfit for few other traits.  Beagle’s traits are

Great smelling sense

Beagle smelling sense

Beagles have a strong sense of smell. But still, they can’t smell when air is filled with natural and artificial scents.  So, they are used for bombs and drug sniffing. They also make good companions while going hunting.

These places don’t have a lot of mixed scents. So, beagles can be used in these areas. Beagles cannot be used in places where more scents are mixed like gardens and pollen areas. Beagles are great at smelling ground and ground-related scents.

Beagles can’t be used in mountain rescue teams because of their skills lacking in air scent smell. They can’t be taken to higher altitudes. Beagles have cute lips and longer ears. These cute features also make it difficult for them to smell.

Make sure to use beagles in ground-related smelling services. Employing beagles in air scent smelling services will make it difficult for both the dog and employer.

So, always consider the work nature before employing that cute little beagle.

Beagle Temperament

Dogs are caring species. Beagles are one of the most loving and caring dogs in the pet world. They love to be around humans and go easily with humans, children, and other dogs. They are very active dogs and love to play around.

Beagles are not aggressive dogs like German shepherds or Rottweilers.  So, they must be given medium to moderate exercise and workload. They become very tired when taken for very long marathons or exercises.  Take them for shorter walks and give moderate exercise to keep them active.

This dog can go along easily with family and kids. This makes them one of our best family dogs to have. Beagles love being around kids. You don’t have to worry about beagles becoming aggressive or attacking your kids. In fact, they become another kid in your family.

Beagles patch up great with other dogs too. They don’t become aggressive when other dogs are in your house. They are more social dogs and make social circles among the other dogs. They love to move and play along with other dogs.

But beagles can’t be used for protecting works because of their small body and medium strength. Our friend’s beagle is used to watch at night and it does a great job as a watchdog. They also bark louder and deeper which comes in handy while people trespassing

So, Beagles can be a great night watchdog but not a ferocious protective dog.

Beagle other personalities

Beagles are cute little dogs with great color patterns. They have tan colors mixed with white, brown, and black. They have longer ears and wider lips which make them look friendlier. Beagles are also friendly, caring, and smarter dogs with great intelligence.

Beagles have a deeper voice with a hard growling. This may make them annoyed at times. Our friend sometimes loses his cool when his beagle starts to bark loud and non-stop. This is a good trait for watchdogs, but still, it is a nightmare for the owner.

Sometimes, Beagle owners feed them a lot or use some chemical sprays to make them stop barking. This must be stopped as overfeeding will make them lazy and obese. Also use of chemical sprays can be harmful to your Beagle’s health.

Beagles bark when they are feeling lazy. So make them active by giving exercises. Take your beagle for short walks or to the nearby park to keep them active and happy. Beagles bark until they get tired. So make them tired, they won’t bark!

But still, if you are busy and don’t have time to play with your Beagle, introduce them to other dogs in the area or introduce new pets. You can also use toys and dog chew to keep them active and avoid being lazy.

Training Your Beagle

Dog training is a separate topic that can be spoken for hours. Still, we will try to give some ideas on training your beagle as a service dog.

Dogs can be trained only in their puppy period. Older dogs become lethargic when trained to obey orders. Puppies, on the other hand, are always curious to do something new. This makes it easy for dog trainers to train puppies. Older dogs can also be trained.

But training Puppies is much easier compared to grown-up ones. Beagle puppies are also like it. Puppies are more active and curious. This makes training a Beagle puppy super easy.

Training dogs usually involves treating them after performing a task or obeying an order. This is the way we train dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, and even fishes. You can also train your puppy by treating them after a good job.

Treating also requires punishing or taking away attention when a dog disobeys or commits a problem. This makes them understand not to perform the same mistake again.

German Shepherds, Boxers, and Labradors can be easily trained. But Beagles are naughty ones, hard to train. So it is better to leave them in expert hands to get trained rather than training them on your own.

Training your dogs can become exhaustive and make you restless. Have patience and work consistently.

Beagle as Service dogs

With all the above information, let us learn how beagle serves as service dogs in different areas and how effective they work as help dogs.

Trained Beagle

Beagles as Work/Service Animals

Beagles are great service dogs because of their great smelling senses and animal tracking ability. They can smell all the fragrances coming from the ground. Because of their ability, they were used by hunters and gathers as a part of their hunting pride.

This makes them get employed as sniffer dogs in the narcotics preventive squads, bomb finding troops, and other drug control rackets.

Pests in Agricultural products carried away in flights are a huge threat to other countries. Usually, dogs are used in airports to sniff out any container transaction having these agricultural pests. Beagles can be a great option for these works.

Because of their smaller size, cal nature, and less terrifying appearance they are preferred by airport security experts. These dogs quickly make bonds with people, so they can make friends with passengers too.

Beagles as Emotional Support

Remember that dog gifted to John Wick by his wife after she passed away? Yes, it is a beagle puppy and everything was for just one dog. This shows how emotionally supportive Beagles are.

Beagles are soft-natured adorable dogs that go along happily with adults, children, and other animals. This makes beagles a great family dog and perfect for emotional support services.  They love to attack with humans and humans too love to play around with these adorable cuties.

They are more loyal dogs and remain helpful and loyal under any circumstance.

Being small, they can be taken in arms and cuddled. Bigger dogs have the problem of picking and cuddling them. Beagles are small enough to take up and shower love.

We love going to my friend’s house just to see the cute brownie beagle pup jump and show up happily. Beagles love to play with owners. After playing for a few minutes, all our stress vanishes within minutes.

So, beagles can be best when it comes to emotional support and overcoming stress and even depression.

Beagles for Disability support

Blind Beagle

Disability service dogs have a great responsibility of leading and saving their owners. So, bigger dogs are usually preferred over smaller dogs. This makes it difficult for beagles to act as disability support dogs.

Bigger dogs would even carry their masters to safer places when they encounter any dangers. But, beagles on other hand must be carried to safety when a dispute or problem arises.

Disability support dogs are mostly used by visually challenged people and patients with vision-related problems. So, they must be highly trained to be focused

They are not ferocious but cute dogs. They are curious and get easily distracted. But Disability support dogs must be always focused on the owner’s safety and take them home. Beagles may pick up any other scent and mislead the owner.

When these dogs are used by visually impaired patients, they may get curious and move to dangerous places or middle of roads. So, more obedient kinds of breeds are used as visual support dogs.

Labradors top the list as favorites for visual disability support dogs.

This is because Labradors are not very active. They also won’t get distracted easily like beagles and other curious dogs.

Final Words for Beagle Owners

Beagles are great service dogs for physically less demanding services. They can be great companion dogs or therapeutic dogs. They are cute, smart, and love to be around humans.

Even though smaller in size, Beagles are one of the favorite sniffing dogs because of their great smelling sense. Smaller sizes and friendly outer appearance have made them airport security favorites.

They are also good watchdogs with good barking ability and filled with energy. They can also be good support dogs and can help overcome stress and trauma. We have personally seen Beagle help our friend overcome problems and stress.

So, you can always use Beagle as a service dog or emotional support dog. But they can’t be used in physically demanding services.

So, that was all about Beagle used as service dogs.

We hope this blog helped you clearing queries on your beagle

nature and if they can be used as emotional companions.

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