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Albino Spiders [Questions and Myths] -Answered

White spiders are exotic breeds. They look beautiful with their translucent white body. But can white spiders be called albino spiders? Can albino spiders be grown as pet spiders?

Let us see about albino spiders, why Crab spiders are not considered albinos, and growing albino spiders as pets.

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Can Spiders Be Albinos?

No! Spiders can’t be albinos. Till date, there are no Albino spiders found anywhere in the world. Recently few scientists encountered a White-headed spider in Australia and stated it was an “Albino Spider”.

Crab spiders can be found with completely white bodies but they are not considered albino spiders by experts.

These spiders are similar to trapdoor spiders that grow 1.2 inches in length and are termed a new species called Trapdoor albino spiders.

But this is not the official name for these spiders. These spiders are rare and found mostly in the interior part of Australia.

Are White Spiders Albinos?

White spiders are not Albino spiders. These are crab spiders that look completely white in color.

This white color is due to the lack of melanin pigmentation in their bodies. Though albinism is due to the lack of pigmentation, white crab spiders can’t be stated as albino spiders.

After the discovery of a white-headed spider in Australia, scientists have concluded that the white-headed spider may be an Albino spider by itself.

These spiders belong to the trapdoor spider species and live mostly in burrows. Apart from albino spiders, there are various other animals that are officially declared as Albino Animals by scientists.

What Types of Spiders Are White?

There are many white spiders that look more like albino spiders but are not actually albinos. Some of the white body colored spiders are

  • Goldenrod crab spiders.
  • American-green crab spiders.
  • Spined micrathena.
  • Garden ghost spiders.
  • Kidney Garden spiders.
  • Grey wall jumping spiders.

These spiders have either a whole white body or white stripes on their body. Though these spiders may be white, they can’t be called an albino like other albino species.

But are white spiders rare to find when compared to other spider varieties?

How Rare Is a White Spider?

White spiders are not rare to find. They are common species found in the northern hemisphere and found in almost all countries around the tropic of cancer.

These spiders look white in color due to the lack of melanin pigmentation on their bodies.

Female spiders are found more in numbers than male spiders. These spiders are bright white colored and have the ability to change their color for hunting.

While hunting, female spiders will try to bend within the brightly colored flowers and hunt for their food.

Can You Keep White Spiders as Pets?

White spiders may be kept and grown as pets in houses. But it will not be easy like growing other popular pet spiders.

Australian crab spider

This is due to the nature of white spiders. White Crab spiders are known for their fast pace and quick movements. This will make it difficult to handle and grow white spiders as pets.

Feeding pet spiders are the most important part of raising them. Crab spiders require special feeding practices and care. This might be difficult for new pet spider owners.

But still, with proper care and attention, white spiders can be grown as pets in houses. But these white spiders cannot be considered albino spiders.

Final Words on Albino Spiders

Summing up, Albino spiders are not officially recognized as a species in the spider world. There are spiders with a completely white body like the crab spiders. But these are not albino spiders.

Though these white crab spiders do not have melanin pigmentation throughout their body, they are not considered Albino spiders by scientists and professionals.

Recently, a trapdoor spider with a white head was found. It is temporarily named as Albino trapdoor spider but this is not official.

Researchers are going on to find the origin of these spiders and prove that they are albinos by nature.

If you are really a fan of albino pets, then White crab spiders can be grown as pet spiders with proper care and careful feeding.

So, that was all about Albino spiders and why Crab spiders are not albinos by nature.

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Albino spiders – Related Questions

Where Do Albino Spiders Live?

There are no Albino spiders that are officially approved as Albinos by scientists. But recently, a group of scientists has discovered a Trapdoor spider with a white head in Australia. These spiders may be Albinos and are named Albino trapdoors for time being.

In the Skyrim gaming world, there are Albino spiders. These are found on the island of Solstheim. But this is only for the gaming part and not real life.

Is an Albino Spider Poisonous?

Though Albino spiders are not to be found anywhere, White crab spiders are mistaken for albino spiders.

These spiders are not poisonous but venomous. So, a white spider bite will not cause any problems. If any other animal bites on white crab spiders, it will turn poisonous and hurt.

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