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28 best hairstyles for Poodles – Complete hairstyle guide

Poodles are beautiful dogs. But they require timely maintenance and regular haircuts to have that cool look. But, what are some of the better hairstyles for poodles? Let us see.

We always wondered what would be the best haircut and hairstyle for our poodle to look the best. We tried different types and chose some of the best hairstyles for your poodles. Trust us, these hairstyles will surely bag prizes for poodles in dog shows.

What are the different styles of Poodle haircuts?

Here are the 28 best poodle hairstyles for Poodles from 1950’s to now

1. English saddle Cut.

2. Continental Cut.

3. Lamb Cut.

4. Cupcake Cut.

5. Summer Cut.

6. Winter Cut.

7. Puppy Cut.

8. Teddy Bear Cut.

9. Miami Cut.

10. Dutch Cut.

11. Princess Cut.

12. Royal Tail Cut.

13. Corded Cut.

14. Modern Cut.

15. Town and Country Cut.

16. Scandinavian Cut.

17. Bob Cut.

18. Urban Cut.

19. Jacket and pants cut.

20. Tassel Cut.

21. German Cut.

22. Bolero Cut.

23. Pony Cut.

24. Messy Cut.

25. Hair Coat.

26. Long and warm.

27. Outline the leg cut.

28. Designer tail cut.

These are some of the hairstyles that are great with poodles. But before seeing them in detail, let us see what a poodle haircut is.

What is a Poodle Haircut?

The haircut done particularly for Poodles is called a poodle haircut. Normal haircuts for dogs will involve cutting off or trimming the whole body hair of the dogs. But with Poodles, some length of hair is left around their body, legs, ears, and tail. This will give the iconic looks for Poodle dogs. Poodles will look their best only if they are groomed properly.

Most Poodle owners grow these dogs only for appearance and show dogs. So, proper haircut and grooming is mandatory in a poodle maintenance routine. A proper haircut will give a great appearance for your poodle.

The American Kennel Club suggests Poodle owners perform haircuts before taking their dogs for dog shows. The trend changes periodically, but timely haircuts and maintenance are better for your cute poodle.

There are 3 types of poodles recognized officially by the American kennel club. They are

  • Standard Poodles.
  • Miniature Poodles.
  • Toy Poodles.

Apart from these varieties, there are other poodles that are common among people, but not officially recognized by the AKC. Check Type of Poodles for a complete overview

Hairstyles will differ based on the type of poodle. Different poodle types will demand different types of hairstyles.

Why do Poodles have hair cuts?

Poodle hair must be cut as they do not shed their hair like other dogs. Most dogs will have two coats over their skin. But poodles will have a single coat of curly hair that doesn’t fall. If not maintained properly, poodle hair may get matted.

Haircut and maintenance are mandatory for all poodles. If maintained properly, poodles will look the best in appearance. This is why poodles win most of the dog shows. Modern and miniature poodles have the best in class appearance.

What happens if you don’t cut Poodle hair?

If poodle hair is not cut and taken care of regularly, it may cause the curly hair to mat. Other dogs have hair that is shed regularly over time. But Poodles have a single coat with non-shedding hair. If not taken care of, it may damage the poodle’s hair permanently.

It is always better to have poodle hair cut and maintained regularly. This will give the poodle an awesome look. Some people consider shaving poodle hair is better than giving them a haircut. Shaving is easier to perform and comes with zero maintenance.  

But can poodle hair be shaved instead of a haircut?

Is it bad to shave Poodles’ hair?

It depends. Poodle hair can be shaved during summer and hot conditions. Shaving poodle hair during winter will leave them suffering and shivering in the cold. Shaving hair during the wrong time may even cause damage to the vital poodle organs.

But instead of completely shaving off poodle hair, you can try the summer cut listed in this blog. It is short, simple, and easier to cut and maintain than most advanced poodle hairstyles.

Now let us see the different poodle hairstyles for your Poodle dog in detail.

1. English saddle cut

The English saddle cut is one of the most elegant haircuts for your poodle. It will make the poodle look fluffy rather than trimming poodle hair. In this haircut, the Poodle will look like a cute snowball with more hair on the poodle’s back.

This cut is approved by the American kennel club after the Continental cut. With this haircut, your poodle will look healthier and rich. The English saddle cut was loved by the British, hence the name ‘English’ Saddle cut.

If you are looking for a beautiful fluffy look for your Poodle, then the English saddle cut shall be your choice.

2. Continental Cut

Continental cut is the standard of poodle hairstyle. It was the first hairstyling approved by the American Kennel Club for Poodles. Continental Cut involves shaving the poodle’s lower body hair leaving fluffs near the leg part.

This hairstyle gives these dogs the typical Poodle hairstyle. The American Kennel Club expects you to have either this hairstyle or the English saddle cut for dog shows and competitions.

If you are taking your dogs for a dog show or Poodle appearance competition, then this hairstyle can be your choice.

3. Lamb Cut

This hairstyle is a recent trend among Poodle owners. It makes the Poodle look like a lamb. It is easier to cut poodle hair to get the lamb cut hairstyle.

Lamb cut involves trimming the hair all over the body in regular size and shape. This will give the lamb a look for your poodle.

With the lamb cut, the Poodle’s body will look smooth and even. It is a great hairstyle to give your Poodle, especially during Christmas. Santa might think your Poodle is a lamb and may give you more!

4. Cupcake Cut

cupcake haircut poodle

Cupcake cut is one of the easiest hairstyles for poodles. It is not popular among poodle owners. But we found this hairstyle looks cute and natural on Poodles.

This haircut will focus more on the poodle face than the body. The face and ear part will be cut less. This will make the dog’s face look like a cute cupcake.

Though it is an easier haircut, cupcake hairstyling will require delicacy and care when handling the face part.

When added with a scarf around the neck, White poodle will look exactly like a vanilla cupcake covered carefully.

5. Summer Cut

The name says about this hairstyle. Summer cut is done during summer and hot seasons.  This hairstyle involves trimming the poodle’s hair as small as possible.

Poodle hairs are dense. Their coats will help them stay warm during winter. But this will hurt them during summer. So, Poodle owners will trim the dog’s body hair as short as possible.

This will help them lose excess heat and avoid overheating of the poodle’s body. It is more practical than other hairstyles during summer.

If you are concerned about the poodle’s health more than the styling, then summer cut shall be the go-to hairstyle for your poodle in summer.

6. Winter cut

Winter cuts are focused on keeping more hair on the poodle’s body. This will help poodles stay warm. This hairstyle will require less care and maintenance. This hairstyle is also more practical than dog shows.

If you own a poodle just as a pet and are not worried about its appearance, then you can have summer cut in summer and winter cut for cold climates.

This cut is excellent for beginners. Winter cuts are simple, quick and easy to maintain hairstyles. It is even more preferable for Poodles in colder climatic conditions.

7. Puppy Cut

Puppy cut hairstyles are cool and easy to perform. It involves scaling body hair equally over the poodle. This hairstyle will give the poodle puppy a soft and cute-looking hairstyle.

Sometimes, puppy cut poodles will even look like terrier puppies. But a puppy cut hairstyle will suit only poodles under a year. Older poodles will not look great in this hairstyle.

The American kennel club doesn’t prefer grown-up poodles to have puppy-cut hairstyles.

8. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy bear hairstyle is similar to puppy cut. But there is one major difference between this and puppy cuts.

In this hairstyle, the poodles will have longer hair on their face than in puppy cuts. This will give a fluffier and soft look to the poodles. When seen from front, these dogs will even look like stuffed bear toys. So, this hairstyle is called the teddy bear poodle hairstyle.

9. Miami Cut

The Miami cut is also called the Bikini cut. This hairstyle is suitable for poodles with sensitive skin. It is easy to perform and maintain a hairstyle for poodles. The Miami hairstyle is best for dogs in hot conditions.

It involves shaving off all the hair on the poodle’s body, except the legs. This will give the ‘poof’ look to poodle legs. 

Miami cut is best next to poodles in summer. It makes them comfortable in hot climatic conditions. This hairstyle will allow easy medication and treatment for sensitive skin.

If your poodle has sensitive skin, a Miami cut can be a great choice.

10. Royal Dutch Cut

It is also called the Royal banded cut. In this hairstyle, poodles will have their head, ears, face, and neck get shaped like a band. So, it got the name banded poodle haircut.

This will give a baggy-pant-like appearance which the Dutch mostly used to wear. Hence it got the name ‘Royal Dutch hairstyle’.

11. Dutch Cut

It differs from the Royal Dutch cut on the Banded part. This hairstyle poodle will have even hair all over the body. The bands are excluded. But the tail part will have a puff-like cut at the end.

This hairstyle is easier to perform and maintain than the Royal Dutch cut. Go for this hairstyle if you are a proud Dutch.

12. Princess Cut


Princess cut will focus more on the face and ear parts. It involves removing complete body hair and gives a human-like hairstyle for poodles. It will be more like the Dutch cut or continental hairstyle. Except for the head and ear, the body will have less hair.

 It was once practiced by the royal people for their poodles. Hence this hairstyle is called the princess cut. If you are looking out for something new, then princess hairstyles will work.

13. Corded Cut

poodle corded cut

This is our favorite for Poodles. We personally call it the Dre cut. The corded cut hairstyle will look just like Jaden Smith’s hairstyle from the karate kid. But it can be done only by experts. Beginners may damage the hair in the cording process.

The corded cut will require you to grow poodle hair as long as possible. Then, hair strains must be corded like a string. This will give a unique look to your poodle.

If you are also a karate kid fan and looking for a stand-out hairstyle for your poodles, then corded cut must be your choice like us.

14. Modern Cut

Modern cut as the name says is the most popular poodle hairstyle in recent times. It doesn’t involve much shaving or clipping and is easy to maintain. This hairstyle will complement the poodle naturally.

With more volume and a fluffy appearance, healthy poodles will look more elegant and rich than other dogs.

15. Town and Country Cut

This hairstyle is also popular among poodle owners.  It makes your poodle look natural. This is a pure classic and one of our favorites. This hairstyle makes the head and legs pop out and look gorgeous.

Town and country cut will make your poodle look more circular or cylindrical in shape. This may be not preferred by some owners. But, this is what gives uniqueness to your poodle.

Try the town and country cut on your poodle, if you are looking for something different.

16. Scandinavian Cut

The Scandinavian cut is more of a geometric cut. It is also called the ‘T’ cut hairstyle. Poodles with this hairstyle will look cute and crazy at the same time.

This haircut will leave short hair on the face, tail, and feet. Other parts of the body will have longer hair. Scandinavian hairstyle is surely a trendy hairstyle followed after the late 2010’s.

It is practiced more in European countries than in the United States.  Scandinavia is a country in northern Europe, so it got the name Scandinavian haircut. But it can be practiced in Texas too.

17. Bob Cut

Bob cut poodles

Ever seen some dude with a bob cut? If so, you’ll know what a bob-cut hairstyle is. The bob-cut hairstyle is more like the cupcake or princess hairstyle. It focuses more on the poodle head than body.

Poodles with bob cuts will have hair of the same length from head to ear. Poodle heads will make the difference between a cupcake cut and a bob cut.

18. Urban Cut

It is also a trendy hairstyle followed in recent times. The urban cut is a simplified version of modern cut hairstyle in poodles. The difference lies in the hair length and styling.

In urban areas, Poodles will look more natural and poodle-like. In modern cut, Poodles will look modern and less poodle. This hairstyle makes the poodle look stylish, elegant, and rich.

If you are taking your dog to an appearance show that doesn’t follow the strict haircut rules of the AKC, then urban cuts will surely turn eyes around.

19. Jacket and pants cut

This hairstyle is less popular among poodle owners. But it is one of the unique hairstyle options for your poodle. This hairstyle is achieved by shaving more hair. So, it is not preferred and practiced by dog enthusiasts.

This hairstyle will look like a jacket and pants on a poodle, hence the name – Jacket and pants cut. Lot of hair must be shaved off on the belly region. It is difficult to perform and maintain this hairstyle.

But if you are looking for something different that can make your poodle stand out, put on the jackets and pant cut.

20. Tassel Cut

The Poodle’s ear tips are shaved and this gives it a tassel-like look. So, this hairstyle is called the tassel poodle cut. Only the tips are shaved, leaving the other parts of the ear untouched.

It will make the poodle ear look longer than the body. Sometimes in this hairstyle, the dog may even look like baby Yoda. 

21. German Cut

Yeah! It is practiced widely around the German regions. It involves cutting the hair short like the summer cut. This is like the summer cut, but even more trimmer.

German cuts will involve shaving the tail and neck part completely. This gives a cute look different than most other hairstyles.

Germans! Give this poodle hairstyle a shot and be ready to tackle heads turning on morning walks with your poodle.

22. Bolero Cut

The Bolero cut is done by shaving the front and hind legs of the poodle. But people always mistake this hairstyle for the fifth avenue poodle hairstyle. But it is different from the fifth avenue cut.

It can be called the bolero cut as the altar of the avenue cut. Bolero cut is also mistaken for the jacket and puts cut or even town and country cut. This confusion comes due to the hair on belly.

But the Bolero cut is slightly different from the other haircuts.

23. Pony Cut

Pony hairstyle for poodles is just like the female hairstyle. Women prefer pony hairstyle for its beauty and elegance like a horse.

Pony-cut poodles will have longer hair on the ear, neck, tail and feet. This will give a longer pony-like hairstyle for poodles.

This hairstyle is preferred by people who like both poodles and ponies. You can make a poodle look like a horse by adding horse equipment.

Poodle owners can add horse equipment like a saddle or reins to the dog. This will make the poodle look like a typical pony.

24. Messy Cut

Messy cut is not a barber-cut hairstyle. Messy looks will occur if proper care and maintenance are not taken for your poodle. Messy-cut hairstyles may even cause the curly hair to tangle.

It gives your poodle a fluffy look to your poodle but it is a tricky hairstyle to maintain. If the maintenance session skips, your poodle hair gets matted. Check Curly hair poodles for poodle hair type and hair care

25. Hair Coat

It is a tricky hairstyle to have and maintain. The hair coat hairstyle will give the poodle an overcoat made of a hair-like appearance. This hairstyle is awesome on dark color poodles like black, brown, etc.

Dark poodles with hair coat style will look like a rock star with a leather jacket. If you want a twin leather jacket that looks like a poodle, then a hair coat can be a great choice.

26. Long and warm

This is another winter cut for poodles. This hairstyle is preferred by many dog owners for their dogs. Poodles will also look great in the long and warm style. It is difficult to maintain while bathing and cleaning.

If you live in cold climates and prefer having longer hairstyles, grow your poodle hair along with yours. You both can twin and turn heads in the morning walk.

27. Leg Outline cut

Have you ever wondered about having poodles with pants? The leg outline poodle hairstyle focuses on poodle legs. It involves trimming poodle body hair more, leaving the leg part. This will give the poodle a longer appearance.

This was actually the first choice for our poodle. It will make poodles wear shoes for free. If you are wondering about buying a new pair of shoes for your dog, then the leg outline hairstyle can be a great choice.

28. Designer tail cut

If you are a mohawk type of guy, go for the designer tail cut. It will give an awesome look to the dog. Designer tailed poodles will have medium-length hair and the tail part will be the best part groomed.

It is now a trend for poodle groomers to try designer tails on poodles. This may not be a single hairstyle. The designer tail can be fused with other hairstyles to produce an awesome-looking poodle.

Fusing a cupcake cut or Miami cut with a designer tail can work wonders with your beautiful poodle. If you are participating in a non-orthodox dog show, then this fusion will bag you tons of praise and prizes.

How to get the right Poodle cut?

There is no particular hairstyle that is ‘The perfect’ hairstyle for poodles.  Poodle owners can select the hairstyle based on their tastes and preferences. But if you are planning to compete in dog shows conducted by the AKC, then the English saddle cut or Continental hairstyle can be a good choice.

Normal poodle owners can go for any hairstyle. We were lazy dog owners once and hated regular poodle maintenance. So, we always preferred shorter haircuts for poodles in summer.

It made our work easier and helped the poodle stay cooler in hot conditions. Winter cut was best for our poodles during harsh winters.  This preference will change across cities and countries based on their climatic conditions, surroundings, religions, and habits.

If you are without a lot of experience, then we always suggest consulting a professional poodle groomer for the first few haircut sessions. This will help you understand what type of hairstyle suits your dog and how to perform it.

How Often Should a Poodle be groomed?

Poodles must be groomed at least once in 3 months. Maintenance is more frequent for long-haired poodles. Long-haired poodles may cause hair-matting, if not groomed regularly.

For the first year, poodles must be groomed once in 4 weeks for better results. This will help them grow stronger and have curly hair. After the first year, grooming can be done once in 8 to 12 weeks.

Along with grooming proper maintenance must be done. Regular combing and dematting will help your poodle look awesome.

If you are growing a poodle as a fashionable dog, then regular grooming and maintenance is a must for your dog. Regular pet poodles require less care than designer dogs. But pet poodles must also be groomed once in 3 months.

Best haircut for different types of Poodles

Poodle hairstyle varies based on the type of poodle. Standard, miniature, and toy poodles require different types of hairstyles. It is based on the size, shape, and type of poodle.

Standard poodles have a lot of hairstyles to try as they grow a lot of hair over their body. Miniature and toy poodles have unlimited types of hairstyles. This is because of their small body and less hair.

This is why small poodles are also called designer poodles by dog experts. Toy poodles will look exactly like a teddy bear with a cupcake cut. Their teddy bear nose is like a cherry on top for the whole appearance.

It is not always necessary to visit a groomer to get a haircut for poodles. You can do it yourself in your home.

How to cut poodle hair at home?

If you are not taking Poodles for an appearance competition, get them groomed at home. It saves money and time. It is also a great experience for you and your poodle. So, let us see how to style a poodle at home

  • Choose the desired hairstyle for poodles.
  • Give your poodle a thorough bath and clean your dog coat.
  • Get dog grooming tools like the clipper, comb, scissors, trimmer, and a saloon coat.
  • Start off by trimming the neck and face part first. Move carefully with care and attention over the ear part.
  • If your selected hairstyle requires more hair on the face and ear, leave the pat and move to the body.
  • Cover the body part and belly. Move slowly around the belly and groin region.
  • Now focus the leg and feet. Cut excess and uneven hair.
  • Leave the tail part for last and focus on the body. Once done with the face, neck, legs and body finally move towards the tail.
  • Finally, complete the hairstyle with specifications based on your choice and taste.

If you are struggling with a haircut, get a groomer and ask him to teach grooming techniques. This will help even more during self-practice.

Once after grooming, give your poodle a good brush session. De-matt and make him happy.

Final words for Poodle owners

We get bored with old hairstyles and change them time-to-time. The same is for poodles.

Grooming is fun but maintenance is boring. But never leave the maintenance routine after grooming. If not, it will make the grooming sessions harder.

Once if you are bored with a routine hairstyle, try something new and rock the street with a new poodle hairstyle. If people ask for it, say you got a new poodle!

This is how we tricked people on your street into believing that we had more than 5 poodles in our home.

So, that was all about the different poodle hairstyles and grooming techniques.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries and getting an idea about the ideal hairstyle for your cute little poodle.

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