how to stop poodle from biting

13 Ways to Stop Poodles from Biting – Complete Beginner Guide

Poodles are cute and harmless if they are biting in puppy stage. This is playful biting. But it is not good when they bite after adolescence. Then, How to stop poodles biting?

How to Stop Poodles from Biting?

Poodles can be taught not to bite from childhood. Dogs and poodle puppies must be punished for biting and bad behavior. Poodles must be appreciated and treated on good behavior.

Toys can be used for small puppies during playful biting periods. Avoid shouting at the dog during the training process.

Poodles can be taught to stop biting by following a few tips and tricks. Some of the easy ways to stop poodles from biting are

1.    Buy Chew Toys.

2.    Teach Dog Bite-Inhibition.

3.    Avoid biting practice from the beginning.

4.    Prevent Bad Behavior Appreciation.

5.    Appreciate Positive Behavior.

6.    Train With Leashes.

7.    Develop A Rapport With Your Dog.

8.    Proper Rest.

9.    Socialize Your Poodle.

10. Withdraw Attention.

11. Provide Plenty of Exercises.

12. Get Another Poodle.

13. Get Help From Professionals.

These are some of the methods used by dog owners and trainers to make dogs calm and avoid biting strangers.

If you are a new dog owner and worried about dogs biting, then don’t worry. We have got you covered completely in this blog.

So, Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the read.

Do Poodles Tend to Bite?

Most dog breeds will have the biting instinct by nature. Puppies will bite on small things during their teething period. This helps the dog in the teething process.

But Poodles have a higher biting rate in comparison with other dogs. This is due to their hunter dog nature. Poodles were used as Hunting Dogs in water bodies to catch ducks.

This instinctive nature is okay when poodles are puppies. But they may continue to bite even after turning into adults. Small poodles are known to bite a lot than Standard Poodles.

This biting tendency is due to the stubborn nature of Poodles. They can be treated as pets for a few decades, but still, they are genetically wild dogs.

Are Poodles Known for Biting?

Poodles are not known for their biting nature. They are known for their beautiful looks and Curly Hair.

But Poodles have a higher biting tendency than many dogs. But they are not ferocious like Rottweilers and shepherds.

Biting Poodles can still be trained to calm down and not bite with proper practice and patience.

Why Do Poodles Bite?

All Dogs will bite and nibble in their early stages. The common reasons for poodles biting in early stages are

Attention Seeking

Some poodles will always be Left Alone Poodles by Owners. This makes them feel alone and insecure. They feel left alone by the owner.

These poodles will start to do random stuff like playful biting with their owner to seek attention. If the owner responds to these expressions, the dog may start to bite more.

Some dogs explore other people and dogs by biting. This is also a way of socializing among dogs. But this must also be treated as bad behavior and stopped.


Puppies and small dogs will start biting or nipping on things. This is when the teeth start to grow. It is common and nothing to worry about.

You can buy chewy toys for your poodle puppies to control the biting habit. It will also reduce the chances of dogs biting other things.


Some puppies will be aggressive in nature. It is their nature to bite things, other dogs and even humans.

But these dogs can be easily trained in their early days to avoid biting things and people. Training them in the later part of their life is harder.

`Self Defense

All living beings with a mouth will bite to defend themselves in danger. Puppies and older dogs will bite other dogs or even humans to safeguard themselves.

This is a reflex action in dogs to protect their territories and other dogs of a clan. Biting for self-defense is never a bad behavior and must not be punished.

Some dogs are better at biting and protecting. They are good choices for guard dogs. But Poodles as Guard Dogs is not a great choice.

These were some reasons for puppy poodles to bite other dogs and humans. But it becomes a problem when grown-up poodles start to bite.

Poodles Biting During Adult Age

adult poodle biting

It is okay for poodles to bite as puppies. But some dogs will still have their biting habit in adulthood. It is due to lack of proper discipline and training.

When adult dogs bite humans, it will harm them and cause injury.

It is always a dog owner’s duty to vaccinate the dog properly in the allotted time. Poodles biting in older age can be tackled by following some strict routines and training.

From the below table you can get to know about vaccination schedules for your beloved canines.

13 Ways to Stop Poodles Biting

1.    Buy Chewy Toys

buy chewy toys

These are toys made for puppies and small dogs. Some chewy toys are also made for adult dogs. Chewy toys were made as an alternative for dogs biting household things and human fingers.

After a few days of birth, dogs will start to grow rapidly. Teeth start to appear during this period. It is called the Teething Period of a puppy.

Dogs do this to overcome slight pain in their gums. This Process of dogs biting on things is also called nibbling.

 It is always better to buy a chewy toy for your dog during the teething period. Biting chewy toys will avoid sore gums in your dogs.

The practice of using chewy toys will also reduce the chance of dogs chewing on other household objects or your toes.

Check out The Best Chewy Toys for Your Poodle.

2.    Teach Dog-Bite Inhibition

Dog-Bite Inhibition refers to the process of teaching your dog to reduce the intensity of a bite. Dog owners must not train their dogs to never bite.

Poodles and other dogs are Social Animals. They communicate with sounds and playful bites. Playful bites are common among dogs in groups. Mom dogs bite their child and siblings bite playfully.

Dogs may also slightly bite their owners then and The biting must be stopped if it is too hard to handle.

Once you feel the dog is biting too hard, shout loud or say Ahh/ Ouch. This will indicate to your dog that the bite was hard and painful.

But some dogs can become more active with these responses and start to bite even harder. If your dog does this, it is necessary to visit an expert for help.

We have explained this detailed on the Get help from a Dog Expert Part of this blog.

3.    Avoid Biting Practice from The Beginning.

If you are a beginner, it is better to teach the dog not to bite from first. This is easier than bite inhibition training.

Avoiding bites may reduce the bonding between you and your dogs. But it is still better than getting a hard blow from your cute pet.

This practice involves teaching your dog not to grab you by the mouth. If your dog tries to grab a small bite, shout aloud. This will make their brains understand that you don’t like playful bites.

Licking can be allowed. But biting shall be avoided if you are worried as a beginner dog owner.

Biting is also a sign of loneliness. Poodles Left Alone for a long time may suffer from separation anxiety.

4.    Develop A Rapport With Your Dog.

Dogs will not know if a behavior is good or bad. They only know to act on their own will. It is up to the owner’s preference.

Some may find their pet dog licking is great, but some will hate it to the core. It completely depends on the two.

If you are newly buying a Poodle, experiment on various activities in the first few months. This lets you know what works and whatnot.

Play every day with them, take them for a walk, and even try new hairstyles for your poodles. There are tons of Poodle Hairstyles available to select.

Going through this process will improve the bond between you and your poodle. But it comes at a great cost. As you know Poodles are costlier than most other dogs.

This is due to their beauty and stunning looks. Designer poodles are even costlier than standard Poodles. Check Why Poodle Are Poodles Expensive ?

But it is worth every penny to own and grow along with a poodle.

5.    Stop Appreciating Bad Behavior

If you have already built a rapport with your dog, you know what the good and bad behaviors are.

Again, this is purely based on the individual preferences. Once getting close with your dog, note down what bad behaviors your dog is performing.

But the dog doesn’t know if the behavior is good or bad. It is the owner’s duty to educate dogs not to perform bad behavior.

If he starts to perform bad behavior, warm up in the first instance. This will signal that you don’t like it. When your Poodle starts to bite, shout immediately. This is a sign of warning.

But if the owner starts to play along with bad habits, the dog won’t consider it as bad behavior and keep performing it again and again.

When your dog tries to bite or grab by mouth, warm them. If they keep repeating it, punish them immediately.

Punishments must not be harsh. It shall be like removing your attention after the bad behavior or less playtime than usual. This will indicate that the dog has done something bad.

Always make sure to not overdo punishments. Don’t scream or yell at your dog. Never beat or hit dogs. This will make them feel very bad and slowly the dog will lose trust in you.

Causal warnings and a few punishments may help your dog not bite people hard.

6.    Appreciate Positive Behavior

appreciate positive behavior

Appreciation is as important as punishments in dog training. If your dog knows that biting is bad and stops biting, treat them.

This will make Poodles understand that they will be punished if they bite but treated if they are not biting.

Treating and words of appreciation work wonders in dog training. This is how dog experts and trainers train puppies for various activities.

When you start to perform this repeatedly, the dog will slowly stop biting things and start to act like a good boy.

If he/she starts to act well, say Good boy/girl. These words of appreciation are loved by dogs. The behavior may also vary with gender. Check Male vs Female Poodles for more

Your dog may stop biting if you start to punish their bad behavior and cherish the good ones.

7.    Withdraw Your Attention.

If your Poodle is still biting and performing other bad behavior, then remove your attention completely.

Dogs love attention and they become mad when they don’t get proper attention. You may have seen your poodle act very obedient after you remove your attention from them.

You can use the same technique here. When Poodles bite even after several warnings, stop caring about them for a few hours or even a day.

Your dog may start to whine and come behind you for attention. But don’t give up too easily. Make them do the same for a few hours.

This will make them feel sad and also guilty at the same time. Your poodle may understand that he did something bad and that’s why you are not caring about them.

When you are sure that the dog has realized his mistake, act normal. Most likely, your Poodle will not bite thereafter.

But never overdo it and abandon your dog for several days. Try to play the push-pull game and it always works like a charm.

8.    Train with Leashes

training poodle with leashes

Some Poodles are easy to train. But some dogs will be hard and adamant to train. If your Poodle also acts hard while training, then use a leash.

Adding a leash to your dog will give a sense that you are the alpha and the person in control of your dog. This will make the training process easier.

Once the leashes are attached, you can start off the regular dog training and anti-biting process mentioned above.

Use Treats along the training process to pace up progress. Different types of poodles need different types of training and care.

Check Types of Poodles to get complete knowledge on different types of poodles and their nature.

If you are a beginner in training dogs, adding a dog leash can make things easier for you and the dog.

9.    Plenty of Exercise

Poodles are energetic dogs. Biting often may be a sign of energy burst. Your dog may be biting to release excess energy in its body.

Purebred Poodles must be given ample exercise to keep them fit and healthy. A dog will be drained out after a good exercise session.

If your idle dog is biting a lot, take them out for a walk. Poodle Puppies in the park will have a great time.

Poodle Swimming is also a great exercise. This will keep them cool and calm. If you are not taking out poodles, then a walk or park exercise can help them bite less.

10. Proper rest for Poodles

Lack of rest can also be a reason for Poodles biting. Dogs living in cities and apartments are experiencing a lack of sleep more than ever before.

If your poodle is not sleeping better, they may suffer from laziness and irritability. Irritated dogs are more prone to bite people.

We humans also tend to be harsh on people if there isn’t enough sleep on the previous night. The same is for most living beings.

Sleeping Poodles must not be disturbed and they must have 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. Check Poodle Sleep Guide to give your poodle a better sleep routine. This may help them avoid biting.

11. Socialize with other dogs

Loneliness along with lack of social interaction can also be a reason for your poodle biting. If your dog is always at home, take them out.

Introduce them to people and other dogs. This will help them normalize socializing with other people and remain calm.

You may also introduce another pet like a cat or even another dog. Poodles-cat interaction is always fun to watch.

Socializing with humans and other animals is always the best therapy for both humans and animals.

12. Get Another Poodle

If you are not interested in buying a cat or any other dog, you can go and buy another poodle. Poodles in Pairs are less aggressive than single poodles.

It may be difficult to handle two poodles. But if you can pull it, paired poodles can be a great experience.

We say a dog owner has Shaved Poodle and a Curly Haired poodle pair. It was the best pair we witnessed in terms of looks, behavior, and obedience.

When one dog acted badly, the other remained calm.  The calm dog was stated to be a good boy and treated. Seeing this, the other dog will also become a good boy.

So, a paired poodle will not bite more than alone aggressive poodle dog.

13. Call an Expert

If you are still experiencing biting problems, then it is better to consult an expert. They can help you with their vast experience of handling numerous dogs. That is why they are called “The Experts.”

Final Words for Biting Poodle Owners

In summary, don’t be harsh on your poodle if they are biting. Teach them not to bite things from the beginning.

Buy chewy toys and give treats for good behavior. Warn them on bad behavior and appreciate good behavior. Never shout or hurt them.

Give them proper food, sleep, and attention. Never leave them alone for a long time and keep them in company if needed.

If you are practicing all these, your dog will become a saint and never bite unnecessarily.

So, that was all about poodles biting and the techniques to stop it.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries and getting an idea about why poodles bite and what to do about it.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below some best experiences with your beloved Poodles

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