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11 Best Household Fish Tank Decorative


Every human has some basic needs to be fulfilled. Once you get the basics done well, the mind starts to think more about the visually appealing things. You would be willing to spend more on good quality and visually vibrant clothes when a basic closet is complete. Similarly, when a basic fish tank is set up with good quality and perfect basics, you can start thinking more about making some additions to the Decoration department of your aquariums. 

There are always many mainstream options to go for when it comes to fish tank decorations. It may include

  • Rocks
  • Beautiful pebbles
  • Organic plants
  • Rare decorations
  • Bride miniatures
  • Miniature treasures
  • Scuba divers. 

But, you can get creative and get your hands dirty by working on decorations all by yourself. Buying stuff is satisfying. But, doing your own stuff all by yourself is much more satisfying. If you are thinking of such innovative decorations but wondering about ideas, we will help in this blog. In this blog, we will present the 11 ideas on making a household fish tank decorative. Give a shot to have some great ideas to be worked on. So, Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the read.

Things to consider on homemade decorations

It is not that DIY projects are always inexpensive. There can be even more expensive than buying good decorations if you are planning to make a very innovative decoration at home. So, it is necessary to know what you really want and how your project must look after the end. There are a few factors to be decided before jumping on to the work. They are 

  • How the end product must be off when finished.
  • Quality and appearance expected after completion.
  • Will it be natural or artificial decorative?
  • Expected period to be kept inside the tank.
  • Theme of the tank to match with.
  • Color palette selection.

 And most importantly, the free time you have and how much time is necessary for the project to be completed. If you had decided everything with the points in mind, you can start off work on your dream homemade decoration project for your beautiful fish tanks. The Ideas stated below will include buying some materials and changing them completely or apart. It is up to your imagination to make it according to your personal taste.

11 best household decorative to design your fish tank

Some of the best homemade decorative solutions for your aquarium are 

Paintings and Drawings

The first thing that comes to mind when we say homemade crafts are paintings and drawings of our own. Just like painting on paper, you can use permanent markers or some sharpies to graze on the aquarium glass. You can always try out the rough design on paper before moving to draw with a permanent marker of carving on the glass. Drawing with markers can be erased easily. But you must be highly precise with the design you carve on the glass. Because, once carved, no changes can be made over the carved surface. Many fish keepers who are artists show their skills on the surface of the tank and make it unique to their taste and preferences. You can also paint the outer surface of the glass panels with paint to give an awesome look. While working with outer surfaces, it doesn’t require much attention as the fish and fish water never comes in contact with the paint. But you must take the most care and research before working with the inner part of the fish tank. When any harmful toxic and chemical for the fish is used inside the tank, it will cause a change in the fish tank water composition. This may even cause fatality to those small creatures. So, go for markers and paints that are safer for the inmates. For this, you can go for toxin-free paints and marker pens. It would be more creative to work with some kids alone on the tank. This will create more treasure of memories down the lane and can be cherished when they grow up.

Tank Vinyl and Decal Stickers

Vinyl are stickers used for temporary customizations in Cars, Bikes, even mobile phone cases. They can surely be used for fish tank decorations too. The only problem with vinyl is, they don’t stick up more to a wet or damp surface. So, when you place vinyl or sticker on the inside of the tank, it will come apart. But, you can surely use vinyl on the exposed part of the tank. Starting off with adding a beautiful landscape, wonderful Fuji Mountain, and the Great Mariana Trench, we can add up a number of examples. It is up to your imaginations to work with Vinyl and decals. We had a friend fish keeper who made a poster of the Nemo fish and kept it on his Nemo tank. That was so creative and unique that we still remember today.

Homemade Background Poster

You can use the color printer that is rotting in your desk for weeks to make an awesome background DIY Poster. Select the desired image to be placed as the background image. Take a color printout of it and fix it to a laminated sheet. Now, you can paste the background to the tank. A laminated sheet will protect it from getting wet and from erosion and damages. Always remember, Fishes are sensitive and must be taken care of before introducing something new inside the tank. Some fishes might prefer a darker background and some prefer lighter. So, make a study of what background your fish likes the most and add the poster. Most fishes will prefer a darker background naturally, than a lighter background.

Handmade ornaments

If you are into art and craft, then this will be the go to idea. There are a lot of people who make handmade products out of clay and crafting materials. If you can do it and have a slightly higher budget, then sure give it a shot. Visit your nearby art and craft store and ask for crafting materials. Always make sure the materials are toxic free and chemical free. You can even ask for a material that can be used inside a fish tank. Once you get hands on, start to work on the beautiful house miniatures and cute little constructions for the aquarium. You can also make it more creative by making a ship with some pirates to fight with your fish or some bridges to cross a junction. The sky’s the limit for your imagination.

LEGO Blocks

If you have kids and a fish tank to decorate this is a great way to get along with the kids. Kids love to play and build LEGO structures. Maybe even you would have liked it during childhood. If so, then this will be a great delight for both you and your children. Get to build some great structures with LEGO bricks and place them inside the tank. The kids will also be more creative coming up with great ideas. The LEGO bricks are not toxic to fishes and can be kept for 6 months. It is better than cleaning it once in a while. Make sure not to overpopulate the area with your Star Wars Falcon set.

Toys and Miniatures

Just like a LEGO set, you can add miniature toys and movie characters inside the tank. Our fellow fish keeper had introduced a small dragon inside his tank. At first, the fishes started to freak out. Fishes are shy explorers. But later, they came around slowly and at no time the fishes started to play along with that toy. We personally keep a Aquaman miniature inside the tank. Our friends even asked us to try out an avenger inside the tank so that they would save them from Thanos. We chuckled and actually decided to assemble them inside the tank.

Aquarium Plants

Plants are much necessary inside a tank. They regulate the dissolved oxygen in the water. It also serves as a good decoration for a fish tank. So, adding a homegrown plant inside a tank will be double beneficial. Get to the local market and ask for fish tank plants. You can get them either as seeds or small plants. The great thing is, they can be grown outside and added inside a tank after maturing. Grow it till maturation and add it inside the tank. Fishes are more likely to encounter plants as they have seen plants for a much longer time in their natural habitats. So, they will love to feed on these plants and use them as hiding spots. Fishes like to play around hiding and seek as a school around these plants.

Everyday products

When it’s DIY, then we must surely land up with everyday household products. Flowerpots lying around the gardens can be used as a decoration. Flowerpots with holes drilled on both ends for the fishes to pass and play are more common in use. You can also use small bottle messengers. Take up a wine bottle or a glass bottle with a cork. Write a message inside and seal it. This will surely be a message that could be passed to someone far away in the future. Also, flower pots are loved by crabs and snails to hide. If you have crabs and snails in your Aquarium, then make sure to add a flower vase inside the Fish Tank.

Sea Shells and Ceramics

Adding Sea Shells will elevate the tank atmosphere. It would give an ocean-like theme when added with bottles and Seashells. You could write on “She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore” and it would go completely perfect with your setup. Adding Ceramic Structures and Ceramic molds will give a royal look to the tank atmosphere. Make sure you are buying real shells and high-quality ceramic models to persist for a longer period of time.

Hardware Materials

Hardware material is great for fish tank decorations. You can work with PVC pipes and plastic materials to create mazes, travel loops, and bridges connecting places. Look for any cute miniature tools to add inside the tank. Many hardware materials will look more weird but nice when submerged inside the tank. So, unleash your imagination and select the materials that would be unique in your Fish Tank decoration collection. Make sure not to use any metal materials. They will rust in time polluting the fish tank water and cause great damage the tank fishes.

Train Tracks

Train tracks inside the fish tank Will look awesome. Having a train set inside the tank will make it look like a track network. Make sure to add these tracks which will eventually become the Thomas and Friends version of your own inside the tank. You can also add train compartments and an engine with some railroads to guard when the train arrives. Everything else is up to your imagination. Cooh…Cooh…Tadak..tadak…

Final note for Fish Keepers

Decorative items have always had a great part in human history and culture. It always comes to one’s imagination when making some decorative products and craft materials. Ensure to take your own time to build these products and don’t rush off much on the final output. It is a journey to be cherished and not any prize to be won at the end of a race. We hope this article has helped you clear all your queries on Fish Tank decorative and give great ideas for your upcoming homemade decoration. Comment below and tell us which was the idea you loved the most and how you implemented it.. Also comment if you had any greater ideas other than the ones mentioned in this blog. If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium!Train tracks inside the fish tank Will look awesome. Having a train set inside the tank will make it look like a track network. Make sure to add these tracks which will eventually become the Thomas and Friends version of your own inside the tank. You can also add train compartments and an engine with some railroads to guard when the train arrives. Everything else is up to your imagination. Cooh…Cooh…Tadak..tadak…

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